Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Splash Pad Update and Fried Eggs!

Hey all!  Thanks to all the people that sent me their info to be included on the 'show of support' for our splash pad proposal.  We ended up getting well over 100 names in only a few short days.  The council was impressed with all the work we put into our presentation and research.

So, we presented on Monday night at the Township Council meeting, as I mentioned in my last splash pad post.  We were crazy nervous all day,  mostly because of things we'd heard about other presentations.  Apparently, it's a tough scene once the members of council start asking questions.

As far as I'm concerned, our presentation couldn't have gone much better!  We had a nice power point presentation plus a huge poster with our proposed splash pad.  The council expressed how refreshing it was to have a proposal that was so well researched.  There were only three or four questions, nothing too discouraging, and that was it!

So, now we wait!  We are waiting to hear when our proposal comes up on their agenda for further discussion.  Maybe later in the summer?  Maybe the fall?  I'll let you all know once we find out.  That could be the meeting to attend!

Again, thanks for all the support.  This would be such a great addition to Springwater.

In the felt world - there were two fried eggs born!  

I had a great suggestion from one of my followers, Sue, to make some felt fried eggs.  These took me all of 3 seconds to make and they turned out so well. 

 Although Ella won't eat real eggs, she is certainly enjoying these!  

 Next on my felt food to-do list:  muffins!!


  1. This felt project is egg-cellent!! Great job!

    Congratulations on finally getting to council...Good luck, it sure would have been nice to take the kiddies to a splash pad in town today! xo

  2. Hey nice job on the eggs. The splash pad is such a great idea sure hope this can be a dream come true. Keep up the good work and we will all look forward to hearing the kids laughing and splashing next year. Fun Fun fun


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