Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Spring Bridal Shower

Here's a little look at the bridal shower my aunt, my mother and I hosted for my cousin Michelle.  Her wedding is coming up in just about a month and we are so excited!  There was some crafting going on for this shower - as well as some delicious food and drinks - so I wanted to share some neat decoration and food ideas

The Invitations
I scored several packages of plain ivory invitations and envelopes from Michael's at 60% off - still more expensive than evites, yes.  However, evites and I do not get along!  I also had several sheets of green and ivory card stock lying around my craft bin - green, ivory and black being the wedding colours.  Here is one of the finished invitations.

Inside - oops, a little mistake in there.
I used stamps for 'you're invited' and 'who, what, where, when and why' and a special punch to cut the circles.  Those made things a bit easier!  I found (and slightly edited) the picture of the dress from MS Word Clip art and printed several out on ivory card stock.  The green rectangle was glued on to the front of the invitation, but I used double-sided sticky foam pieces to attach the 'you're invited' circle and dress picture.  This made them stand out a little bit - although, it's hard to tell in my picture.

The Signage
I'm so happy with how the banners turned out.  It was quite a process to make them but well worth it!  

I printed out one of each of the letters I needed from MS Word - I could only put two letters per page to make them big enough (about 4 x 6) and I had to use Word Art because the regular fonts weren't big enough.  You can see my 'tracers' all cut out and ready to go, below.  Next I traced all the letters I needed onto black bristol board and cut them out.  I forgot to take a picture of the black letters on their own, though!

I found a gigantic book of bright and beautiful card stock.  I have 9 of the prints pictured below, but there were a total of 12 in the booklet.  The pieces below have also been cut to 5 x 7 size (just slightly larger than the black letters), but they were originally full-sized scrapbooking cardstock sheets.  I cut out enough of these rectangles to back each of my letters.

I also punched a hole in each of the four corners of the coloured cardstock.  

Then I cut 8 LONG pieces of grey ribbon (4 per banner, 2 along the top and 2 along the bottom of each banner) and threaded them through the holes to attach the coloured rectangles together.  These pieces can be moved as far away or as close together as needed because of the way the string is threaded.

I tried to leave some nice curlicues at the end, but the ribbons on the finished banner were a bit too long to curl as nicely as I wanted (see completed banner above).

Lastly, I attached the letters to the card stock using the double-sided sticky foam pieces (love those things!).  Again, it's hard to tell from my picture of the completed banner, but they really help the letters to stand out.

The Food
My aunt and my mom prepared this delicious luncheon food.  There were veggie trays with Renee's Ranch dip, a fruit tray with fruit dip, tortilla salsa pinwheels, ham and swiss pinwheels, vegetable pinwheels and turkey pinwheels.  The pages I linked to, for each of these recipes, are similar to the recipes used.  However, there were a few changes made for each of the recipes.  You can really play around with them!

The Spread...mmmmm.

We decided to go with wine as well as fruit-infused water.  How delicious does that jug of water look??  It was a crazy hot day, so the water was AMAZING!!  This awesome pitcher was a Costco purchase.  There is a nifty spout as well as a compartment underneath that holds ice to keep the water cool.  

The black Sharpies were there so guests could write their names on their cups!
Ah - the dessert.  My favourite part of any party!  We decided to go with a small cake (yellow) and several cupcakes (chocolate).  The yellow cake recipe came from an amazing baking recipe book I have, but the chocolate cupcakes were an actual Cake Boss recipe - yep, straight from Carlo's Bakery!!  Well, it was actually straight from the Cake Boss book.  The icing was all butter cream - some of it I dyed green - and the orange flowers were made from gum paste. 

I may have gone a little overboard on the green here...it's feeling a little ST. Patrick's Day-ish - sorry Michelle!

It was a lovely (and scorching hot) afternoon with family, and it was also Ella's first time at a bridal shower.  I think I'll end with a couple pics we were able to get of her at the party.  

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  1. Excellent job Jess. Your cake and decorations were all very well done. Looks like Miss Ella had a great time but was Prince Harry not allowed at the girls party? I missed seeing him in the blog today. Keep writing and I will keep reading love the blog.

    1. Thanks Sue! No, poor little Harry has been sick, so he was at home sleeping. Also, as Ella told Adam, there were 'no boys allowed!'. Thanks for reading :D

  2. Great Job Jessica-Lynn, everything was perfect.


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