Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Strawberry Picking...Finally!

On Sunday morning, Ella and I woke up bright and early (so far, exactly the same as every other day) and set out on a strawberry picking adventure!  Yes, poor little Harry was left at home with Daddy.  He would have come with us if I had a backpack carrier, or if he was walking.  Maybe next year Harry. 

Apparently, Ella is a Sears catalogue model now

Last summer my mom and I took Ella blueberry picking.  Her first, and until now only, berry picking experience.  She was hilarious! These are from last summer:

Shoving a handful of blueberries into her mouth...she was in heaven

Looking for more to eat

Eventually, she figured out how to pick them herself

I have been waiting all winter to get out berry picking with her.  Unfortunately, we couldn't go to our favourite picking spot (sorry Valley Farm Market, but we wanted the PYO experience this time!), so we found another acceptable strawberry patch.

Sunday morning was pretty overcast, but we managed to make it to the patch, pick our berries and get back to the car just before the real rain hit.  We were so lucky!  Ella likes being in the rain, but I might have had a hissy fit if I was caught in the rain while berry picking.

Here are all the berries we picked - plus one more bucket we gave to Nan

I did bring my camera along for the adventure, but when we got there I realized the memory card was still at home in the computer (AWESOME).  So the only pictures I have are from the next day. I will be sure to bring my camera for the blueberry picking in a month or so.

Ella's trying to sneak a strawberry 

We ended up with about 12 pounds of berries (wow!) which I managed to pick in about 30 minutes.  Ella also ate about 12 pounds of berries in the same amount of time...luckily we didn't have to pay for those (good word Ella!).

And she got it!

 What did we make with these berries, you ask?  Well, so far I've made one batch of pectin-free jam.  I found the recipe here, and I changed it a little by adding only three cups of sugar instead of four.  Next time, I will only add one or two cups of sugar because three is still WAY too much.  I'm also planning on making a batch of freezer jam (my first time!) as well as a few  batches of those granola bars we love - using strawberries instead of blueberries.

Pectin-free strawberry jam...mm mm!

Yum!  So many delicious things to be made with all of this fresh fruit.  I can't wait for the next round of berry picking!

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