Saturday, 16 June 2012

Tea Parties and Trouble-making

Yesterday morning started off with a lovely tea-party - hosted by none other than miss Ella.  Back when Harrison was first born, she used to throw tea-parties every morning.  It was pretty entertaining for us at the time because it was the first time she really interacted with us during play.  Now, a year later, the fun continues but Ella has really upped her game.   Instead of using an old crate, Ella has a cute little table she got for her birthday.  There are also two extra chairs for her 'guests' as well as some new play food - including the homemade felt ice cream cones which are coming to the blog soon!

Here's a few snapshots of our Friday morning tea-party.  

Pulling off kitty's socks so he can have a bath before the party starts

'Just one second Mom, I need to get something'

Posing for me

On today's menu - birthday cake, sandwiches, pizza and cucumber...

L to R:  Elephant, Elmo, baby Jessica, baby Rosie, bunny, Strawberry, baby Lily.  They all have to share that one little brownie on the plate...suckers.

A little later in the morning, after Harry woke up from his nap, I packed up a snack and we hit the road for the library.  As I was getting our things together, Harry decided to get up to some good old-fashioned trouble-making.  At this point, I don't expect anything less from him!  :D

How many things can I pull out of the cupboard in 10 seconds...

He knows what these are.

Here Ella is 'petting him' as she calls it, and trying to get him to put everything back.  She's quite the leader.

Posing for Mom - he is unaware of any problem.
In other interesting news from today, our visit to the library was pretty funny.  Last week, Ella insisted on bringing one of my mom's fridge magnets (which happens to be a picture of me and my brother as kids) to show her library friend.  Today the librarian brought a couple pictures of herself, from when she was younger, to show Ella.  Ella was pretty happy about this.  She had a lot to say about the pictures, however, she didn't say any of it to the librarian...

Lastly, something exciting from both Ella and Harry.

Ella:  Has finally mastered the concept that holding up two fingers equals two, while holding up three fingers equals three.  For quite awhile, she held up two fingers and called it three.  I'm glad that's straightened out!

Two cookies, please!

Harry:  Has been taking many steps lately!  We don't have anything on video..of course..but I have it permanently etched in my mind.  The other day he walked from the bathtub all the way out into the hallway.  He will also take three to four steps on his own to go from his toy to the couch.  Very exciting!

Well, that's about all for today.  I hope to have something cute to share tomorrow - for Fathers' Day!


  1. The pictures are adorable..The comment about how you have things etched in your mind! well I hate to tell you but those memories do disappear so best get the video camera out. LOL LOL. The videos make great family time years later. Thanks for sharing Ella and Harry with us.

    1. LOL - Thanks Sue. I definitely need to get the video cam. charged up. My memory isn't too sharp ('where are my keys/wallet/sunglasses..' are daily questions), so I can only imagine what will happen to my memories of the babies! Thanks for reading!

  2. Very exciting that Harry's walking so early! This gives me hope that Jack won't be a slow poke like Claire was :)


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