Thursday, 14 June 2012

What we really need is a splash pad....

Hi all!  Today I'm going to be plugging an amazing idea that's been floating around between a few moms in our village.  That's right - it's a Splash Pad for Elmvale!

Since we've had kids, we've noticed it's pretty difficult to find accessible water recreation in the area.  No matter where we go there is driving involved and parking and/or equipment use costs.  A splash pad would be an ideal solution to this problem.

Never heard of a splash pad?  Well, technically, it's a 'zero-depth aquatic recreation experience'.  Ha!  Basically it's a cement pad with sprinklers sticking out.  There is no standing water and there are features for kids of all ages.

Here's a sample pic of what an Elmvale splash pad could look like:

How wonderful would that be on a hot day?

What are the benefits of a splash pad?
  • Accessible (finances, abilities, age, location etc.)
  • Attract people to the local businesses (go for ice cream afterwards!)
  • Used by community groups (day camps, scouts, churches, day cares etc.)
  • Safe (zero-depth!)
  • Promotes activity (excellent for overall well-being)
We will be presenting our proposal to the township council on Monday June 18 - the meeting starts at 5:30pm and anyone is welcome (and encouraged) to come along and show support.  Our plan is to fund raise the costs for equipment and installation and ask the town to cover the water and electrical costs.  

We are also bringing a list of individuals that support our idea (it's not a petition - it's a show of support).  For those of you that have already expressed your interest and support - thank you!!  If you would like to include your name on our list please email me or private facebook message me with your name, address and phone number, so we can include this information on the form.  

If you don't live in the Springwater community but have ties here, we would still love to include your name.  It would be great to show the council that people from outside the community are willing to use a splash pad here when they come to visit.

Well that's about all folks.  I'll keep you posted!  Feel free to email me or leave a comment below with any questions...and don't forget to tell your friends!  :D


  1. jess put al andi on your list 3261 ushers rd 705-322-1252 it would be wonderful to have this in elmvale for sure good luck with this cause


  2. I hope all goes/went well. There's a splash pad about an hour from where we live (to be fair, almost everything is an hour from where we live. Yay, boonies!) that I want to take our son to this summer. He LOVES the water, but I don't swim well enough to feel comfortable having him in a pool (not without better swimmers nearby). The splash pads look like lots of fun.

    1. Thanks - we're waiting for approval's very exciting and scary! The splash pads are a great option for kids - especially when parents aren't strong swimmers. Thanks for reading!


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