Friday, 20 July 2012

A Note for Ella and All Other Girls: Know Better Now: The Catch-22 of Self-Esteem

Today I want to share a lovely post written by my friend, and neighbour, Lindsay. She writes one of my favourite blogs Know Better Now.  It's a blog for her little girl, and it's filled with advice and things she wishes she had known while growing up.

Today's post really caught my attention as something I hope Ella (and all other little girls) will understand as she grows...especially when she gets to those teenage years.  Thanks for this post Lindsay - it was a great one!

Click on the link below to view this post.

Know Better Now: The Catch-22 of Self-Esteem: Dear Claire, Just when you thought being a young woman couldn't get any more complicated... Mothers, fathers, teachers, youth workers, a...

Thanks for reading!

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