Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Real-life Dora Adventure

Ella acts out much of her day as if it's an episode of Dora the Explorer.  She pretends she is different animals such as a baby puppy dog (her words, not mine) and a baby gorilla, and whenever we're getting ready to go somewhere she sings.  'Come-on Come-on-os (correct lyrics - come on, vamanos)! Everybody let's go!  Come on let's get to it, I know that we can do it!  Where are we going [clap clap clap] to the basement!'  Starting to get the picture?  

So, this morning when Adam came into the house and handed Ella this treasure map...

 Counter-clockwise starting on the right:  deck and deck stairs, green hose with 'waterfall', brown swing, very colourful swing set/slide/sandbox, grey box representing the garage

...and asked if she wanted to follow the map to find a treasure, it felt like just another day living with an explorer.  Props to Adam for organizing and setting this adventure up all on his own!  You earned your Father's Day card this year :D  

Let's look at the adventure, shall we.

Ella was adamant about wearing her 'tippy toe' sandals.  Here she is getting ready to go on the treasure hunt.  Map is close by!

One last skim over the map to be sure she knows where she's going.

According to the map, the first stop is the waterfall.  Hopefully you can see the mist they are running through.  Ella LOVES getting 'hosed-down' by the mist setting on our sprayer.  Adam has rigged up a waterfall by tying the hose to the umbrella stand and turning it on to the mist setting.  Genius!  We will remember this for the next hot day...I guess that would be tomorrow.
Here's a better look at Adam's waterfall contraption

Next stop on the treasure hunt is the swing.  They had to swing 5 times.  You can see Ella's finger up as she's counting the swings.  Fleecie also met them at this check point.

Next it's time to run through the towels.  That wasn't on the map, but it's still fun to do.

Finally, they arrive at the last stop on the map - the sandbox.  Here Ella had to dig for her treasure.  Adam marked an X in the sand...but it was hard to see, so I didn't even try to capture it on camera.  After digging for a few seconds, Ella announced that she couldn't see the X...LOL.  Adam just showed her where to dig after that.

  Digging away...completely in the wrong spot.

Finally found something!

A jar of jelly beans!  She actually held still for a second so I could get this shot.

Generously sharing with Mommy and Daddy (mine was already chewed up and swallowed by this point - I don't fool around when it comes to jelly beans).

Enjoying her hard-earned treasure.
Also - check out these pigtails!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great job Adam! This would have been a great video, a.k.a. Ella's own t.v. show!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Great Job Jess and Adam. This is a wonderful idea to help fill in a summer day. I am sure Ella will be looking for another adventure soon, Adam will need to get his thinking cap on. I agree with Deb ..TV show for Ella. Again thanks for sharing

  4. This is an excellent idea to keep a little one busy. You two are great.

  5. Hmmm...maybe we should get Ella her own You Tube channel?? LOL

  6. Love this. Her hair is precious in these photos!


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