Sunday, 29 July 2012

Backyard Camping

There have been some shenanigans around here, ever since our real-life Dora adventure.  Ella will often only answer to Dora and she addresses Adam as Diego, me as Isa and Harrison as Benny the Bull - all Dora characters if you're unfamiliar with the show.  Nice.  

Adam   hooked her up with a rope, some binoculars (toilet paper rolls), a phone (an old walkie talkie), Boots (a stuffed monkey with purple socks), a map (an old map we found ) and a baby jaguar (a stuffed lion), and he put them all in her backpack.  She has had many adventures since.

Including an adventure in the rain - she loves to wear her rubber boots!

 The most exciting adventure of all was Ella's very first time sleeping in a tent.  She and Adam decided to camp-out in the backyard.  How exciting for Ella.  She talked about it for days leading up to the event!

Adam set up the tent earlier in the week - Ella and I kind of helped, but mostly I video-taped while Ella got into mischief preventing Adam from a quick set-up.  Ella has been using the tent as an outdoor playroom for most of the week.

Yes - that is the disgusting Conky puppet from the Trailer Park Boys - I've banned it from the house, so Adam gave it to the kids for a 'outdoor toy'
To prepare for the camp-out, Ella made sure to get all of her Dora adventure supplies and put them in her backpack.

Including some play pizza and a carrot

The most valuable tool for her was her very own flashlight.  Ella got to use this little flashlight and Adam had a bigger one.  Of course, she is also sporting her lovely Dora nightgown for this overnight adventure.

Adam dusted off the old air mattress and filled it up with air.  Since the kids have been born, we haven't been camping us much as we used summer we really will make more of an effort!

Ella waited very patiently for Adam to bring the air mattress and the sleeping bags into the tent.  At this point, it was about 8 pm - slightly past her bedtime.  I think she was ready to get into bed.

But first - there was some playing with the flashlights...

...and wrestling...

...and of course a few bedtime stories.

Adam also brought the laptop out for a little Netflix action - you know, to create a genuine camping experience    :-|

Here she is snug in her sleeping bag.  Little does she know, there will be a couple more nights of camping fun to come soon enough!

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Did she lastthewhole night? Looks like they had a lot of fun.

    1. She did last the whole night! Apparently, Adam fell asleep before Ella did and then he woke up and she was finally sleeping (around 10pm), but the air mattress had lost all its air! Ella slept soundly on the ground all night, but Adam had a miserable sleep. I enjoyed the entire bed to myself as well as sleeping in :D

  2. Love it! I think I might have to get Neil to do this with Claire one night this week....she would be in heaven.
    I can't believe Ella is still living in her 'Dora World'! Too cute!


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