Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Few Summer Goals

Well here we are smack-dab in the beginning of July and I have yet to do item #2 on my spring cleaning list.  That marks the third year in a row my spring cleaning was a bust.  Whatever, I'm over it and moving on to a new list!

I've decided to set a few summer goals for the kids and myself (I suppose I should include myself in there).  I haven't discussed these with Adam yet; I thought I'd go ahead and post them on the blog first.  Right.

So, I've already mentioned one of the goals for Ella - watch less TV!!   So far, so good on that one.  There are a couple others, though.  

I should note these are not SMART goals.  If it's going to bother you reading my unorganized goal ideas then you should probably skip the next three sections.

Goals for Ella
1.  Watch less TV

2.  Become slightly more independent (before you start [or continue] judging me, I'm talking independent on a 3-year-old's level).

3.  Improve social interaction with other children (IE.  talk to other children, even if it's just hello)

Goals for Harry
1.  Learn to walk independently (we are hoping for this by the end of the summer, or any day now so trips to the park are a bit easier).

2.  Become more comfortable with other people while we are or are not in the same room (IE. when we drop him off at the grandparents or babysitters, he will not cry hysterically)  - This one is really coming along, but I am hoping he'll get a bit more comfortable before he starts daycare!

Goals for Jessica
1.  Maintain the gardens

OK, so clearly my list is a bit shorter than the kids.  You're probably thinking that doesn't seem fair, but there are so many things I need to do and this is the only thing I feel is really attainable for the summer.  It's sad really.

I better post a few pics from our picnic in the park yesterday.  We walked down to the 'teeter-totter park', as Ella calls it, with Nan for the first real picnic of the season.  The kids were both more interested in the chocolate chip cookies than anything else I packed.  

Ella's all ready for lunch

The only time they're quiet all day long...actually, scratch that.  Ella chatters through lunch too.

Fun on the swings

More interested in the cute little girls swinging beside him (not talking about Ella - there were twin girls  there too)

 I'll update the status of our goals as the summer passes.  We have a few activities planned that should help us out.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love the pictures Jess. NOt to worry about the shyness it will go away. Ella will talk to other people some day. Thay are so cute. Keep us posted it makes our day.

  2. Good luck! In the picture with your mom...I thought she was topless at first glance! LOL


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