Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Weather-wise, today was a great day for celebrating Canada Day.  Health-wise, not so much.  Last week Adam came down with the flu, then it was my turn on Friday and this afternoon our kids started showing some symptoms.  Poor Ella fell asleep while she was sitting on the couch waiting for lunch.  That ONLY happens when she's sick.  I won't describe Harrison's symptoms, but it was a bit of a messy day!  

Harrison not wanting to come with me for a walk
These things always happen at the wrong time (is there a right time?).  We had planned to have friends over for dinner and a camp fire - yes, we were going to attempt Ella's first camp fire take two.  Well, that didn't happen.  Instead we had a morning of tantrums and whining and an afternoon of napping and Dora.

Totally engrossed in Dora
Also, totally engrossed in Dora
There were a few moments where things were looking up.  I took Harry to the grocery store and came back to find this fort built in the basement.  

Couch pulled way out from the wall with blankets draped from the wall to the couch

This was the scene inside the fort...
...and this (photo was meant to capture all the toys that were dragged in but focusing didn't really work out)...
...and also this.
Also, someone decided to attach the blankets to the wall with thumb tacks...NICE.

We didn't tell Ella about our plans to have best buddy Claire over for a camp fire, but we did tell her she would get to stay up later tonight.  Since she napped until 3:30pm, we decided to still let her stay up to watch a movie - The new Muppet Movie, in fact.  BEST MOVIE EVER!  Well, one of the best anyway.

She even weaseled a cookie out of us during the movie...I think someone was feeling better this evening.
At least I managed to get a shot of the two kids in their Canada Day shirts.  Try to focus on the shirts, rather than their faces.

I just noticed Adam's shirt..oops.

Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians out there!   

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