Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lovely Day for A Wedding and A Swim In the Pool!

 So the big day for cousin Michelle and (new) cousin Tim finally arrived this weekend.  It was a gorgeous day and a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception.  There are a few photos I wanted to share from the event.  I didn't get anyone's permission, so if you see your face here and you don't want to then just email me and I'll take it down!  :D

These friends were set up near the road as people drove into the farm.  Notice the lovely banners!
Most adorable ring bearer ever.  He carried this sign down the aisle...LOVE IT!  

Table 11 - the best table in the house (I mean shed).  We had a perfect view of the MC as well as the slide show and we were super close to the dessert table which made it easy to grab that second piece of pie...and you all know I did!  Lovely centrepieces and very unique way to display the table numbers.
The head table and back-drop - love the windows!!  When it was dark and the mini lights were turned on, they reflected in the glass of those windows - beautiful!!

This guy was sitting at my table...he was weird.

I got over it.
All the Craddock girl cousins (minus two) - yes, we were all asked to be bridesmaids except Miranda....  LOL - just joking.
Me and Mom - great pic taken by Aunt Angie...if I could just fix that lazy eye!!

That's all from the wedding, folks.  Congratulations Tim and Michelle - we had a blast!!

Today we took the kids to Aunt Michelle's and Uncle Will's pool for a much needed cool-down in the pool. When I told Ella where we were going, she replied, "Aunt Michelle?  Oh, I like Aunt Michelle.  I can talk to her all the time!".  She was pretty excited to get there and get in the pool.  Last time we were there, we didn't  bring her bathing suit and that caused a bit of a problem.  I won't get into it.

This was Harrison's first time in the big pool.  Last year he slept through every single swimming visit we made.  He had a difficult time getting used to his new life-jacket, but eventually he got the hang of it.

Harrison has been in the pool for about 5 seconds at this point...Ella isn't too happy about sharing the boat.

He's starting to get more comfortable

Ella's loving this ride...and apparently, so is Adam!

I took his life jacket off for awhile and then put it back on...he was much happier in it the second time around.  There are no pictures to prove it, but I swear Ella did not stay in that boat the whole time we were there.

As per usual, we had to walk on the 'stepping stones' before leaving.  This is part of a Dora episode (of course it is), so Ella is completely amazed by this stepping stone path.
 That's all I've got for today.  We're going to have to work on Ella's swimming over the summer and hopefully get a swimming video posted on the blog!  However, I've only successfully loaded one video so far, so there are no promises on that.

Thanks for reading today!


  1. Great blog!
    All I can add is that I feel bad for Miranda!..LOL

  2. Love the wedding pics - the one of you and Adam is great! The kids are adorable as usual :)

  3. Great pictures Jessica-Lynn. The kids look cute in the pool. (Adam too) L0L

  4. These are great pictures Jessica-Lynn, the swim in the pool with the kids looked fun and refreshing.


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