Tuesday, 24 July 2012

'Make It Yourself' Series: Bread Crumbs

I'll begin today's post by announcing the following: 
  • The season's first batch of pickles has been successfully completed
  • The missing camera has been found!!!
  • Ella did not pee on any grocery store floors today
  • My headache is gone.
If you follow The Adventures of Ella and Harry regularly, you'll understand.  If not, then check this out.

Alrighty, on to more exciting things...this week's 'Make It Yourself' post is all about bread crumbs.  How exciting, I know.  I'm not even sure if you can buy bread crumbs in the store, but I know you need them to make a few different recipes. 

Things I use breadcrumbs for:
  • homemade hamburgers
  • homemade 'shake and bake'
  • homemade chicken wings
OK, I can't think of anything else right now, but those are the top items.  Making bread crumbs is very simple.  All you need are bread crusts (as in the first and last slices of bread that no one wants to eat because one side too thick), a magic bullet or food processor and freezer proof containers.

I keep a stock pile of bread crusts in the freezer and then blend them up when I have enough to fill a container.  It would definitely be a smarter idea to blend the crusts as they arise, but I don't generally have time to whip out the magic bullet just to blend one slice of bread.  Do whatever works for you ;)

Here's my most recent stock pile of bread crusts.  There are several bags there - it sure cleared some space in the freezer!
 So, step number one is, obviously, acquire some bread crusts.  Step number two, throw them in your magic bullet or food processor and blend.
Step number three is put your bread crumbs into containers and store them in the freezer - so they stay nice and fresh!  
I ended up with almost 8 cups of bread crumbs from all those bags!

I will definitely be posting my recipes for homemade burgers, shake and bake and chicken wings, so you can  put your new bread crumbs to use!  Stay tuned for these and more 'Make It Yourself' ideas to come this summer.

Thanks for reading!


  1. The magic bullet strikes again. That thing is so handy. Glad the pickles are working out and the camera has been found.

  2. I need to ask Santa for a magic bullet . I will put that on m list for sure this year, Thanks Jess

  3. You missed the best use for bread crumbs! On top of homemade baked macaroni and cheese :) soooo good

    1. I know!! I thought of another three or four things last night...LOL.


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