Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Nothing Like A Splash Pad On A Hot Day!

We finally  made it to the splash pad yesterday - just in time for the hottest day EVER.  How lovely it would have been to walk down the street to use a splash pad - instead of driving 30 minutes and paying $2.00 for parking.  Someday.

Here are the pics from our morning splash.  

I finally get to be in a picture and, of course, they are both looking at something (apparently) much more interesting 

Harrison's first stroll through the splash pad

Look closely and you'll see Adam and Harry
Ella's not too sure yet

Harry loved getting swung through the water

As soon as we got in Ella booked it back outta there!

Splashing at her own pace - we all know she'd have it no other way!

Harry in mid-swing

Ha!  Finally got one with her in the water!

And another!  She loved this!

Finally it was snack time - you'd think these children were never fed by the way they shove food into their mouths!

I tricked her into looking at the camera...don't mess with Momma baby girl!

Daddy and Ella sharing a snack - more like Ella stealing Daddy's snack.

Watching the boats in the water - Ella was pretty adamant that we were going to ride in one.

After our time at the splash pad, we went for a (very) brief stroll down the path - I'm talking 3 minutes because of the extreme heat.  Ella loves walking on 'paths' because of - you guessed it - Dora.

Of course she has her head down here so the camera can't see her.  I'm just preparing her for all the paparazzi when she becomes famous.

Daddy and Ella heading back to the car.
Off we went to do a few errands and then home for a delicious PB & J sandwich lunch!  A nice little Tuesday.

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Love your comments for the pictures. Definitely a good day to be at the water.

    1. Thanks! - Yes, it was a great day to go. We were nice and cool at the splash pad, but the minute we stepped away the heat consumed us!


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