Monday, 23 July 2012

Pee, Missing Camera, Killer Headache and Spilled Pickle Juice

The 'Make It Yourself' item for the week is postponed until tomorrow.  Allow me to share the events of my craptastic day instead.  It was pretty darn special.

We had a pretty good start this morning.  Ella and I went grocery shopping and only forgot one thing...not bad compared to my usual three or four.  Things started to go downhill when Ella peed all over the floor at the store.  Nice.  Every other time we go out I am prepared with the wet bag, extra clothes and cloths and every other time she makes it to the bathroom in time.  Not today.  Today she drank 4 gallons of water in 5 minutes and there just wasn't time to run to the bathroom.  Of course, I also neglected to bring cloths or the wet bag.  It was good times.  To add to that, the only employee I could track down to help me clean it up was super unfriendly.  Nobody wants to clean up pee - I get that.  However, I could have just left it there and walked away...I'm just sayin'.

Moving on, when we got home from grocery shopping, I discovered that our camera was missing.  Likely, it was left at a BBQ we were at yesterday, but we have no idea.  Now, everyone hates losing things (as I've been told by my husband) - I know this.  But I REALLY hate losing things.  I'm not sure you understand.  I really REALLY cannot stand losing things.  It haunts me every second until it's found.  What doesn't help, is that I lose at least one thing every day...and it's usually my car keys or sunglasses.

OK, lets get to the grand finale.  I worked most of the afternoon on making pickles.  I had several interruptions, but I managed to make the brine and get it in the fridge to chill.  As I was working away I started getting a headache and then I realized I didn't have any dill, so I ran out to get some.  By the time I got back my headache was getting worse and both kids were awake and crazy loud.  I went to take the brine out of the fridge (on my second attempt to finish the pickles) and the bowl slipped out of my hands and smashed on the floor - brine EVERYWHERE.  I'm talking, under the fridge, under the water cooler, under the oven, splattered on the side of the fridge, splattered on the side of the playpen, splattered on the side of the cupboards, all down my shirt, all down my skirt and of course all over my legs.  One thing that absolutely doesn't help a headache, is the smell of vinegar throughout your house.  

At that point, I decided to put the pickles on hold.  The headache was at full-throttle by this point.  It took about six towels to mop up the 16 cups of liquid that spilled all over the floor.  Before I managed to mop it all up, though, I stepped on piece of broken bowl, cut my foot and then stepped in brine.  Nothing like a little acetic acid to make a cut sting.  

This was a smiley face, but the smile part shifted as I was running for the camera (this was taken a few days were the other two pics posted today)

The headache is still here, but now I have a helper to finish the pickles (that would be Adam).  Sorry no pictures of Adam helping...because of the missing camera and all.  

Hey - what good is having a blog if you can't post a good old-fashioned rant once in I right?

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Wow Jess that is a bad that will be pushed back in he memory book by the effect of many wonderful days ahead. Tomorrow is always a better day.

    1. yes - tomorrow (being today) was definitely a better day!

  2. Better days ahead! As long as you have more good days than bad days, you'll be fine. And you're a great mom, so you will get through each day no matter what it brings.
    Re: the eggs in the bowl. I couldn't see a smiley face but I do see the shape of a baby chick in the broken egg.

  3. Holy crap! That is a serious bad day! Things being spilled is the worst, why does liquid always have to go under the fridge? It's just not fair.
    On a better will probably really appreciate those pickles once they're ready to be eaten :)

    1. Messes under the fridge are IMPOSSIBLE!! However, the pickles will be delish!


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