Monday, 2 July 2012

Play-dough Party

So, we're having a slight issue with Ella's current TV - watching that it's all she wants to do!  Last year at this time she was outside playing everyday.  She loved the sand and water table and pushing her dolls in their strollers and swimming in her little pool.  Now, she only wants to sit inside and watch TV.  It's driving us insane!  

OK, so I will admit it's mostly my fault (but what isn't, right?).  How can you occupy a  just-turned two-year-old while you breastfeed a tiny baby and no one else is around?  My (old) answer to that question would be Treehouse TV.  It took me a good six months before my hormones and emotions (and whatever else was going on over here) calmed down and I could focus on doing activities with Ella while still caring for Harrison...yes, I feel the need to defend myself.

I should also point out that Ella is a little less-active than some other kids.  She has her moments of running and jumping around like a maniac, but for the most part she enjoys quiet activities like reading, colouring and playing with puzzles.  The problem, now, is she won't do any of these things because all she wants is that stupid TV.  

Well, our summer resolution is to fix this problem!  We're disconnecting one of our TV's (we have two) and only allowing TV shows or movies in the morning and while dinner is being made (of course, there will be the odd exception for rainy days and sick days).

Today was a play-dough kind of Ella's request!  We busted out this great little 'play-dough sampler pack', as I like to call it, which has 10 different colours.  I also found a couple teeny weeny play-doughs that were given to us in birthday party treat-bags.  When Ella saw these she shouted, "Mommy, you found more play-dough?  That's amazing!".  Yes, Ella.  Mommy is amazing.  Just remember that when you're older and possibly addicted to TV. 

We had to get out our play-dough table cloth to cover the coffee table

Of course, Ella had to line up all the containers before she even started to play.  Some of you may be shaking your heads at me, knowing how I am, but can I just say it makes perfect sense to line them up and take an inventory of what you have before you go diving into anything!

Here she is in the process of turning all the containers so she can 'see the pictures'...luckily, she didn't commit too hard to this rule. 

Somehow my gumpaste roller made its way into the play-dough supplies

I think she may possibly be ready to start playing with it now...

This is really the best part because all she wants to do is take all the different colours and pile them up into one large clump...'A Snowman' she calls it.

The beginning of the clump...I mean Snowman

The finished product

Well, day one - morning - was a slight success.  I'm going to have to make a gigantic list of possible activites, so it's easier to find something to do...I always go back to the same old things - colouring, puzzles, dolls.  Suggestions are welcome!!

Thanks for reading!

(Oh ya, definitely forgot about this signature for the last few posts!)

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