Friday, 13 July 2012

Thursday's Pool and Anniversary Adventure!

I meant to post this yesterday, but I of course ran out of time.  Ella and I met some friends at the park for a couple of hours in the morning and then both kids were off to Nan's and Pops' in the afternoon (for a sleepover...hooray!).  No pics of the park because I forgot my camera, but I have been hoarding these for awhile...

Harry just woke up from a nap...why not snap a picture?

The toy car wash I made.  The toys go in the dish of soapy water and then through the strips of towel that are hanging from a stick.  Needless to say, this activity didn't last too long.

Harry reaching for my hand so he can get out.  He likes to get out and then in again and repeat over and over.

Sticking out belly while thinking.

Watering the water.

Harry getting in the pool again. 

Trying to get out again, but it also looks like he was crying or yelling...?

The three of us...note the placement of Harry's left hand.  LOL.

While the kids were at Nan's and Pops' last night, Adam and I were out for the night to celebrate our 4th anniversary!  Crazy - 4 years, 2 kids...what the?  I realized last night this is our first anniversary that I haven't been knocked up or nursing a baby...and I still didn't have a drink!  We went to see a movie and then a DELICIOUS dinner at The Keg followed by ice cream at the Ice Cream Hut - love, love, LOVE that place.  However, I should provide a word of caution:  Do not order any size other than an extra small cone, unless you haven't eaten an entire thing all day long.  A medium was a bit too much ice cream to follow a dinner at The Keg.

Thanks for reading :D

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  1. 'knocked up'?...seriously? Must be the trucker in you!


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