Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tuesday's Adventure in the 'City'

Today we spent some time in the 'city' looking for a bike helmet for Harrison and window shopping at the mall.  Where does one find a bike helmet for a one-year-old?  A good question and one we're still (kind of) wondering.  There are no bike helmets for babies at Toys R Us...odd, I know.  On that note, there is also only one colour option for bike streamers - that would be pink...not everyone likes pink Toys R Us!!

There are also no bike helmets for babies at Canadian Tire.  However, there are ADORABLE baby doll seats that attach to a child's bike (can't wait for that!!).  There are also these awesome carts that look like cars.  

Steering wheels are the BEST toys ever.  It's nice these cars have two steering wheels, however, Harrison didn't seem to notice.  Yes, he is definitely on top of Ella in this next pic.

The place to find bike helmets for babies is indeed Walmart...if you look really really hard and dig through the rest of the stock of children's helmets.  There was exactly one choice and unfortunately it wasn't Dora, so Harry had to settle for a cars helmet (not to be confused with a Cars helmet).

Ella trying on Harry's helmet...he wanted no part of that!
I'll take this chance to write (for any possible bike helmet manufacturers or sellers that might be reading) that just because one-year-old babies can't technically ride a bicycle - there are still baby bike seats and, therefore, the need for baby helmets!  Maybe they could be a bit more accessible!!  JUST SAYIN'.

After we found the helmet, we headed over to the mall to look around and basically get away from our house for a couple of hours.  Before going inside, Ella noticed some construction and wanted to get a closer look at the digging.

Note the length of her dress.  It was the perfect length last summer!  I think it's an adorable length for a little girl of two, however, I'm sure some (ridiculous) people were offended.
Ella has become very interested in Barbie dolls over the last few days (Yay!!!), so she had to bring one along for the adventure today.  Here is Barbie walking through the mall.  How adorable is this??

Barbie also made an appearance in the toy store...luckily there was a cute little cart for Ella to push around.  She was pretty excited about this little cart.  I'm not sure who Ella's trying to kid here, but that is the most insincere smile I've ever seen on her!  I'm pretty sure she was trying to get me to hurry up and finish taking pictures.

How cute is this?  
Here's a better look at just how short that dress is...yes, those are her pink underwear (sorry future Ella)!

I mostly snapped this picture because it was Ella's first time riding on an escalator (don't judge me - we usually take the elevator because of the stroller and we don't come to the mall very often!), but it was a bonus that I captured the underwear.

Overall, an enjoyable Tuesday adventure.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Some of your comments/photos made me laugh out loud! ie. Ella's most insincere smile.
    The picture of Harrison in the cart (ontop of Ella!) is hilarious. He looks like he has three hands!!
    Don't worry about the lenght of Ella's dress! Little girls dresses are supposed to be short, and at least her underwear fits and is clean!

    1. I know - the pictures were hilarious. The first car cart we used didn't have any seat belts, so that's why Harrison was able to jump over to Ella's side. Eventually, we found one with two belts and swapped it.

  2. Nice job it reminds me of the days that the Kerslake family did the annual trek to Toys r us. It was a big day riding the moving stairs and seeing all the wonderful toys.We always made this journey just before Christmas so the kids could write their letter to Santa. Just recently we sat around talking about the days when we would take our country children ( Children of the Corn- as Stacey calls them) to the big city .I enjoyed seeing the picture of Ella and Adam watching the big digger. Thanks Jess for reminding me of the great adventures and nice to see someone appreciates them as we did. You made my day extra special today girl.

    1. I'm glad your children of the corn were able to get out to the big city once in awhile, Sue! LOL. Glad I could stir up some old memories.

  3. Adorable! I know what you mean about finding helmets - such a huge pain! We wanted to take Claire ice skating in the winter and couldn't find one at the time.

    1. It's crazy! Later on we realized they also go by head circumference...but who brings a tape measure with them or knows their child's head measurements?! LOL

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