Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Wednesday's Adventure at the Jungle Zoo

Today we packed up and left the house at 9:15am to arrive at the Jungle Zoo at exactly 9:20am...10 minutes before it opened.  We took the kids last year when Ella was almost two and Harry was a few weeks old.  I think Ella enjoyed it last year, but she was definitely more excited this time around.  Almost three is the perfect age (so far) to bring her to the zoo.

Of course, we made a couple classic mistakes.  Mistake number 1:  Harry came with us which meant he missed his morning nap.  We thought he might nap in the stroller, but we were very very wrong on that one.  We also forgot his soother.  If there was any chance of him napping in that stroller, the soother would have been the reason.  Needless to say, he was slightly cranky by the end of the (two-hour) adventure.  Mistake number 2:  We brought too many snacks and gave them out too early.  Ella is the queen of snacks.  She could survive on no  meals but snacks alone.  When she's having her snack she will do nothing else...including look at zoo animals.  We should have either brought no snacks (and risked a gigantic temper tantrum), or sat down in one spot while snacks were being consumed and then carried on our way.  We will know this for next time.

Anyways, enough writing.  There are about a bazillion pictures here, so I'll fill you in on the adventure with the ever-so-popular caption.  Enjoy.

Both children crying as we're waiting for the zoo to open...good start guys.
OK - pause the captions.  I have to add a funny note about Ella.  After we paid and entered the zoo, Ella was acting very strange.  She was shaking a bit and looking around frantically like she was scared.  Her fists were clenched and she was walking very slowly.  She kept asking me where the animals were.  Poor girl!  She thought the animals would be roaming around wherever they wanted.  I explained they were all in cages and they were not going to come and 'get her'.  After that, she was fine!

They've spotted the first animal!

Cute little Lemur

Ella decided she wanted to walk the rest of the way.

Ella was very excited about the large rock pile in this picture..if you look closely, you can see it.  She also collected several small stones as we travelled through the zoo.
OK, pause again.  At this point in the adventure, Ella was acting out scenes from her favourite shows Dora, Diego and Wonder Pets.  All three of these shows have episodes where the characters save various animals.  Ella kept shouting, 'We have to save the animals!' and then she would run a little way and turn around and shout it again.  I'm not sure what she thought we were actually going to do, but she was intent on saving the animals until the time we left the zoo.

Running to see the Giraffes...while yelling 'come on guys, the Giraffes!'

Stopping to feed the Deer

Harry gets a turn too.  Later Ella found a pellet of the Deer food on Harry's stroller and she put it in her mouth.  One second later, she spit it out.  

As soon as we reached the Giraffes, Ella was pretty scared of them.  I don't think she realized how big they were going to be.

Oh look, here's one picture with me in it!

The Alpaca, Ella's favourite animal (last year).  Luckily I managed to capture Ella picking her nose.  She's all class.

Here's Harrison not sleeping

The Goats!  We made it to the Goats!!

Baby Goat

Harry and his baby Goat

Ella and her baby Goat...this is as close as she would get to him...or her.

Seriously, how adorable would these be in our backyard?!

More interested in her apple than the tiger in the background

Pot-bellied pigs - no that's not Ella's apple in the pen

Weird rabbit-like animal that Ella liked

Next to the Giraffes, these Zebras were the highlight of Ella's morning.  She wanted to go in the pen with them.  She also made several comments about their stripes, what they were eating and their long tails that were swinging back and forth. Thankfully she didn't ask us about the other long thing that was swinging back and forth...!!

Trying to keep Harry happy while he's still not sleeping

Ella and Daddy feeding the fishes..  Unfortunately, the water was too murky to see any fish.  

Pulling out all the stops here - Harry is on his third snack.  At least they were all healthy!

Last stop on our adventure was the animal show.  Ella saw an Ostrich egg, a Tortoise, a Boa Constrictor, a baby Timber Wolf, a baby Lion cub, a baby Lemur...and a few others I forget.  It was neat for Ella to see many of the animals that she's seen on Dora.  I will thank you for that Dora (but only that!).
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Now this looks like it was quite an 'adventure' for Ella and Harrison!
    Great job with the the zebra bit!


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