Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Cottage Fun - Day Two

And now to continue the cottage adventure!

Just as I was about to fall asleep on our first (well, only) night, I heard Ella whimpering in the next room - Ella slept in a room by herself while Harry's playpen was in a room with Adam and I.  I went into Ella's room and found her on the floor half underneath the single bed she was sleeping in.  I wasn't sure whether to laugh (because it was kind of funny - bad mother award) or cry (because I felt so bad for her and was unsure if she fell out or climbed out).  I picked her up, put her back on the bed and asked her if she wanted me to sleep with her...she was full on crying now.  She said she wanted to sleep with Mommy and Daddy.  What could I do?  Did I expect her to sleep all by herself in a big (well, bigger than her toddler bed) bed and strange place.  Well, the answer to that was no.  I brought her into the bed with Adam and I and there we were again - in the same predicament as we were in a few nights before (see The Pit part two).  It was a VERY long night with a pretty uncomfortable sleep - however, the mattress was extremely comfortable.

Despite that craziness, the kids both managed to sleep until 7am.  News flash - that is a victory for us.  Although the kids slept in until a reasonable time, the four of us were still up well before Uncle Marc and Jen.  So we did a little exploring.  Ella spent some time walking up and down these stepping stones.

After breakfast (again a delicious production of food put on by Uncle Marc and Jen) and Harrison's morning nap, we all got into our swim suits and headed for the lake.  It was a bit too chilly to swim on day one, but it was warmer on day two.

Ella started out by floating with Uncle Marc in this little raft.  She seems to prefer floating in the water rather than swimming, however, she hasn't had much 'swimming' experience.  This is something we plan to give her over the remainder of the summer.

I couldn't touch the bottom of the lake, so I loaded up with two pool noodles in order to tread water while holding Harrison.  

That didn't last long, though.  Harrison found the water a little too cold and wanted out pretty quickly.  We ended up relocating to some shallow water where the kids could play around a bit.  Again, Harrison didn't last too long, but he did get a little swimming time in.

Ella used one of the pool noodles and swam by herself (without someone holding her) for the first time!  She was pretty excited and we all cheered for her.  It was another summer highlight.

After some swimming, Uncle Marc showed us how to wake-board.

Here he is 'taking off'.

Ella is loving this because she's in the boat and it's going pretty fast.

And then Uncle Marc falls.  This was about his fourth fall, so they brought him back to the dock...

...and loaded up Adam onto the tube.  This was Adam's first time being pulled in anything by a boat.

I think he had fun!

After some water fun, we went back up to the cottage and gave the kids their lunch.  Then we packed up and headed home.  Luckily, both kids had a nice long sleep on the way home (we reclined their car seats!).  

I should also note - I asked Ella about how she got onto the floor during the night.  She said she climbed out.  Based on where she was (on the floor at the end of the bed), we guessed she climbed out of bed and tried to get out of the room.  When she couldn't get out of the room and couldn't get back in the bed (it was pretty high), we think she just laid on the floor and fell asleep.  This sounds pretty silly, I know.  However, we have found her sleeping in the rocking chair in her room when going to check on her during the night.  She is a silly kid all around.

That concludes my posting on cottage fun.  A special 'Thank You' shout out to Uncle Marc, Jen and Jen's parents for inviting us up for the night.  We all had a blast!  I'm sure Uncle Marc and Jen were sad to see the kids go, but also secretly  exhausted.  

Thanks for reading :D


  1. This had me LOL'ing.....and also Adam's first time ever being pulled behind a boat?? ..... that just seems wrong.

    1. Ha was pretty funny. Yes - his first time...we live a sheltered life!


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