Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Cottage Fun - Part One

As promised, here are the highlights from our trip to Jen's cottage.  Uncle Marc and Jen invited us up to the cottage for a night.  We knew this would be an instant hit with Ella (swimming, boating - what more can a kid ask for?), and we were looking forward to a night away too.  So we packed up our gear (again) and headed for cottage country!

We decided to leave early so Harrison could have his morning nap on the way there.  He was the first one ready to go (as usual).  He got his hat on all by himself; unfortunately, he forgot about his clothes.

Harrison managed to get in a pretty good morning nap on the drive there.  We had to make a few stops along the way, so we arrived with an hour or so for the kids to play around before having their lunch.  Right away Ella went with Uncle Marc to look around.  She found the boats and stepping stones which were both a highlight of her time there.

She also spent some time with Jen's mom.  She learnt to (pretend) drive the boat and turn on and off the boat radio.  Very exciting!  These are both regular activities for Dora and Diego.

Of course, she didn't dare speak a word to Jen or Jen's parents.  She did, however, carry on pointing in true Ella fashion.  I managed to snap this pic. of Ella pointing to show Jen's mom she wanted to get out of the boat.  At least she's using some form of communication!

Ella was actually pointing because she wanted out of the little boat and into this bigger boat.  She was able to (pretend) drive in it a couple of times before it was closed up for the night.

After lunches and a couple of half-arsed naps (Harry didn't nap at all, but Ella had a short one), the kids had their snacks and we got ready to go for a boat ride.

Here's Harrison getting dressed up into his life-jacket.

He looks happy here, but really - he's disgustingly tired!

A group shot before we headed out to sea (ha!).

As predicted (by parenting/boating expert: Jen's mom), Harrison was asleep practically before we even left the dock!  Hallelujah!  He slept for most of the ride.

Ella sat with Uncle Marc while he drove the boat (for most of the time).  I think it's safe to say this was the ultimate adventure for her and hands-down the top moment of her summer...and possibly her winter (things might be a little boring this winter).

Harrison woke up for the last few minutes of our trip...but he was a little drowsy.

After we came back from the boat ride, Jen had a craft planned for Ella.  She cut some empty pop bottles into whirly birds and had a bunch of stickers and beads for Ella to add on.  There was also one for Harrison, but Uncle Marc and Jen helped him out.  You can see pictures of the finished crafts in Part Two (tomorrow).

Ella seems to be examining the stickers - to make the right choices.

Ella definitely has no idea what she made, but she LOVES putting stickers on things...so it was a crafting success!

By the end of day one, Ella still wasn't talking to Jen, but she was interacting with her - this included getting Jen to help her jump up the steps.

The kids had their dinner and Harrison went to bed early, but Ella got to stay up for a bit.  She was amazed when I brought out her snack - Cheesies.  I'm sure she thought it was a cottage miracle.  We never (and I mean NEVER) have cheesies in the house.  I don't even know if that's how you spell cheesies.  She savoured every last one!

After Ella went to bed, we had our dinner and it was spectacular!  There were spring rolls for an appetizer.  Then for dinner there was roasted chicken, barbecued ribs, corn on the cob, tomatoes with Bocconcini and spinach salad with raspberries and (to die for) candied almond slivers.  I'm pretty sure I had second helpings of everything.  I don't have the time or the energy to cook like that for us at home...so thank god we decided to go up to the cottage for the night.  As we ate dinner, we got to enjoy this scenery.  

After it got dark, we went for a quick dip in the lake.  My dip was ultra quick - we're talking less than 5 seconds.  That water was cold, yo!  Adam and Uncle Marc stayed in a bit longer, and then we all sat on the patio for a couple of hours before hitting the sac.

That's all for part one.  Check us out tomorrow for part two.  As per usual, there was a  'middle of the night' disruption as well as some more water fun.

Thanks for reading :D

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