Saturday, 18 August 2012

ellaNharry - My New Etsy Shop!

I didn't get around to posting yesterday, so I'm here today with an exciting post about my new Etsy shop - ellaNharry (EllaAndHarry was taken).

Anyone remember a couple months back when I made some felt ice cream cones?  After making those ice cream cones, I made some fried eggs and then some bacon and then some fruit and toast...let's just say things got a little out of control.  I ended up with a bunch of felt food for the kids to play with and a GIGANTIC list of things I still want to make.

I've spent some time looking around on Etsy (you should check it out if you've never been on the site) and there are tons of handmade toys/clothes/accessories etc. for children (for everyone really, but I was looking for the kids' stuff).  I decided to go ahead and list a few things and see what happens.

To visit my shop, click on this link:  ellaNharry

Currently, my shop consists of felt play food.  Below I have pictures of the items I've listed so far - there are more pictures on my shop page.

Breakfast Set

Some of the food ideas came from things I've seen on the Internet (mainly Pinterest!), but I created the patterns for every food item all on my own.  Each item is also sewn by hand except for some detailing on a couple of items (orange wedge, tomato, bacon slices).

I would love to hear any feedback you might have and feel free to share my link with your friends!  Email me or private FB message me with any questions.  If you want to order and skip the Etsy thing - message me and we'll talk.

Thanks for reading :D


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