Saturday, 25 August 2012

First Official Campfire

Last weekend, we finally managed to get a real campfire going for Ella.  I found some marshmallows in the cupboard, but they had been there since we moved in...I don't think it matters if they're stale once they're melted.  Ella didn't seem to mind, anyway.

Bunny came to the fire that night.  She was allowed to sit in Ella's lawn chair while Ella ran back and forth to the garage to 'check on something'.

 It was a pretty windy night, so Ella had to get dressed up in her long pants and sweater.  I think it was the first time all summer we've had to pull out pants...I actually had to dig them out of a cupboard in the basement!

She was pretty excited to finally be having a campfire in our own backyard.  We started it around 8pm and she stayed out for about half an hour (8pm is usually her bedtime).  Little Harrison didn't get to participate in the campfire - one more thing to add onto next year's list.

She sat for a few minutes, here and there, watching the fire.  

However, she was mostly interested in roasting her marshmallows.  Adam had the task of roasting - he has proven himself to be a master.

Look at that golden brown!

He has also proven himself to be ridiculous...

Ella enjoyed her marshmallows (she had two), but she held them a little too close to bunny's fur for my comfort - I've seen some bad roasted marshmallows/stuffed animals scenes in my camping days.

After the marshmallows, Ella was off to bed, but not before one last silly picture.

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Adam....socks and crocs....really??? haha.....

    1. LOL - I didn't even notice that! Adam says 'it's a good look'.

  2. I noticed that to Jennalee. LOL love campfires with the kids. Harry is going to like it next summer.


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