Thursday, 2 August 2012

How to Hang on to That Old Sweater...for Just A Little Bit Longer

So, I was cleaning out the kids' dresser drawers and closet and I came across this sweater of Ella's.  It's a great sweater.  The material is fairly light (terry cloth), so it is great for the spring, summer and fall.  There are pockets AND a hood - always a bonus for Ella.  Plus, it was a second hand purchase (like $2.00), so I was never worried about it getting ruined.  We've had it for over a year now, but it's finally too small.  It's really just the sleeves that are the problem - too short.  

I thought about putting it in the bin with all of Ella's other 'too small' clothes, but I decided against it.  There are already way too many hand-me-downs in there.  I also thought about putting it in the 'goodwill' pile, but parts of it are really worn out.  Finally, I decided to keep it, and make a couple changes.  

Ella has another sweater that's identical in style and material, however, it has short sleeves.  I decided to cut off the sleeves of this puppy, so she could still wear it for the rest of the summer.  I LOVE those short sleeve sweaters.  They're not quite vests, but they're not really sweaters either.  Perfect for summer.

Let's get started, shall we?

1.  Find a t-shirt (or short sleeve sweater) that fits comfortably.  Use this as a guideline for the sleeve length, but add another inch for the seam allowance.  Trace the new sleeve length onto the sweater using a fabric marker.

2.  Cut along the line you drew so that  your sweater looks a little something like this:

3.  Turn the sweater inside out.  Fold the sleeves back half an inch to one inch and pin in place.

4.  Sew both sleeves on the sewing machine.  Terry cloth can be a bit tricky to sew on the machine because it catches on everything.  Take your time and it'll turn out.  Check out my finished sleeve.

5.  Lay out the sweater and take  picture of your finished project.  This took me about 15 minutes from start to finish.  I'm glad I took the time - we just weren't ready to part with this sweater yet!

Thanks for reading!

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