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My First 'A Day In the Life' - Summer 2012

Hey all!  My post for today was inspired by one of the blogs I follow 'Navigating the Mothership'.  It's a great weekly read.  She does 'A Day In the life' posts quarterly and invites others to join in as well.  She will be posting links to all the participants' posts on Monday August 13th, if you want to check it out.  I have read a few of her 'Day In the Life' posts and I love them.  I'm excited to be doing my first one...enjoy!

  A Day In the Life - Thursday August 9, 2012

Somewhere between 12 am and 4am – I wake up to Harrison crying.  I go into his room to give him his soother and he goes back to sleep do I.

7:16am – I wake up to Adam getting dressed.  I ask him what he is doing (I thought it was still really early because it was dark out AND I didn't hear any children crying or talking).  "I’m getting up",  he says.  "I’m golfing at 8".  I looked at the clock to find it is 7:16.  Turns out it was a rainy day (hence the darkness).  Harrison was already awake – so was Ella, but she refused to get out of bed yet (NICE).

7:25 am – I go for a shower before Adam leaves and by the time I get out of the shower at 7:40, the other golfers are at our house.  I have to scramble to get dressed so Adam can leave.  Harry is running around the main floor with his undershirt and no diaper (bad diaper rash we’re trying to heal).  He is so happy in the morning.

I manage to find some sweat pants and a sweat shirt

8:00 am – Ella comes out of her room and announces to Harry and I "I am awake!".  The kids watch an episode of Diego while  I make Harrison’s oatmeal.  I also take some time to look around on the Internet (I follow a few blogs) and clean out the dishwasher.  I decided the dishwasher was the end of my cleaning.

9am – Harry goes for a nap while Ella and I sit at the table.  Ella eats breakfast while I talk with her.  The rain starts to come down harder. Ella says, “It’s raining outside!  The rain is knocking on my door and it wants to come in our house and rain on us”.  I start laughing about this.  Ella is chattering on about a million things while I try (again) to do a few things around the kitchen.

Ella likes to have a bowl of milk and cheerios with her oatmeal

9:15 am – Ella wants to sit on the front step with her rubber boots, rain coat, apple and a towel (note - she refuses a blanket in case it gets wet). So we both get our apples and sit on the porch.  This apple ends up being my breakfast.  We end up sitting out there for about half an hour talking and singing and ‘catching planets’ (I can't even explain the catching planets thing...but I will say we had our arms stretched way up in the sky).  

Then we come inside and Ella plays with some toys.  I change my clothes and get a bag packed for the kids.

10:15 am – Harry wakes up and after getting him dressed, the three of us walk down the street to Claire's house to meet up with our regular Thursday crew (just a few moms and kids).  I chat with the moms while we're there and try to keep Harrison entertained.  Thankfully I remembered to grab my coffee on the way out the door...I had been wanting one all morning.

Walking like a puppy with slippers on its paws...on the way to get her boots and coat

The girls watching a TV show
11:30 am – We come home and adam’s home from golfing.  His golfing buddies are here too, so Ella plays outside with them for a bit while Harrison and I go to the store for soup.  We also drive by the Sears pick up store, but there is no room to park on the main street so we drive past and come back home.  We are waiting for Harrison's new forward facing car seat!

Making soup and grilled cheese for the kids
12:30 pm – I make lunch while Harrison airs out (again) and Ella plays outside in the rain.  I try to get the kitchen cleaned up…and eat another apple because by this time, I'm STARVING.  Lunch for the kids is butternut squash soup and grilled cheese.  Ella gets upset because she wanted the orange soup (tomato???) and I gave her the yellow soup.  Crises is averted when I explain to her that she can have the orange soup next time.  Lunch for me is leftover pasta and pasta's delicious.  

I started cleaning up the dishes while Adam puts Harrison to bed and Ella finishes her lunch.  I try to get all the dishes cleaned before I start doing anything else - I hate working in a dirty/messy kitchen!

1:00 pm – After Adam reads Ella her stories, I take her to the potty, get her into bed and sing her 4 songs - Little Toy Trains, You Are My Sunshine, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

1:15 pm – I find another bread recipe (have been trying and failing at bread recipes all summer) and put it together into the bread machine...even though it's meant for the stand mixer.  Mom stops in for tea and a chat – I show her some pics from the cottage.  After she leaves at 2:20 pm I started looking through the new Today’s Parent magazine that came.  I also find a mess of diapers in the bathroom, so I clean those.

2:42 pm – I pull the bread dough out of my bread machine when I realize it's not working…I pour the entire contents into the stand mixer, mix it up and put it in the oven to rise…hoping for the best.

2:50 pm – The kids wake up to find new shoes from Nan (cheap buys from the Zellers that’s going under).  Both are pretty excited.  

Adam and I get them ready and head out to Barrie to pick up a few things from Staples, Walmart and the library. 

First stop - Staples.  Adam runs in and we sit in the car.  Ella thinks she sees a bridge in the parking lot, but it's just the median.  Second stop - Walmart.  We all go in, Ella comes with me and Harry goes with Adam.  Ella and I look around at the toys for a few minutes and then we go to the craft section to pick out some felt and some scrap material.  Final Stop - Midhurst Library.  We all go in and the kids play with the toys for a few minutes while I look at the movies.  We all sit in the children's section while Adam helps Ella pick out a few books and I put away the books Harrison has pulled off the shelf and thrown on the floor.  I should also mention Harrison’s new car seat was installed before we left (Adam picked it up after lunch), so he gets to sit in it for the first time during this trip…it’s a tough adjustment for him.

5:00 pm - We pull into the driveway and Adam offers to cook dinner because I ‘Look tired’.  Damn right.  First I have to get the bread dough out of the oven, punch it down and put it into two pans and back in the oven to rise for another hour…I also sneak a cupcake because I’m starving.  

After the bread business is out of the way I head down to the basement with the kids while Adam works away in the kitchen.  The kids and I play/watch Dora.  It’s been raining all day so we can’t go outside.  Harrison airs out for the third time today and I work on some felt projects…ice cream cone and tomato.  Then I wrestle with Harrison for a bit.

6:00 pm – Adam calls us on the intercom to say dinner is ready (thank god!!) and I spot while the kids both climb up the stairs.  I get a diaper on Harrison and get them both in their chairs.  We have chicken, green beans from the garden and rice…Harrison has sweet potato because he’s not a fan of rice.  His dinner ends up all over his tray and the floor.  Unfortunately, I missed taking a picture of his was one of the better ones.  

6:30 pm – After dinner, I realize I put the last clean diaper on Harrison just before dinner and there are NO diapers for bedtime…we need two because Ella still wears a diaper overnight.  I put the bread in the oven to bake and then I drive over to my Mom’s to grab two disposable diapers…luckily she has four there!  When I get back the kids are in the tub.  I take over tub duty while Adam cleans the kitchen.  I brush Harrison’s teeth with his new big boy toothbrush..we have been using the finger one up until now…poor second child – shafted again. 

7pm – We get both kids out of the tub and into their PJ’s.  While Adam give Harrison his bottle, I read Ella a story from one of her library books.  She got a huge book of Dora stories.  After the first story, I read her 5 more.  Then we lay on the couch and read a different book and sing some songs….you are my sunshine, toy trains, twinkle twinkle, itsy bitsy spider (the usual ones).  Then I tell her the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Adam joins us on the couch and we are all being silly.  I take the bread out of the oven.

8:00 pm – After potty, drink of water and diaper, I get Ella into her bed.  Adam heads out with some friends and I have to strip our bed because Ella had an accident during her afternoon nap…yes, she sleeps in our bed for her nap.  Then I get the diapers in the laundry, but first I have to check on the Internet to see how to ‘strip’ them properly because they STINK! 

8:30 pm – I finally get a taste of the bread and it’s delicious!!  We finally have a winning recipe after June, July and part of August.  I spent about 30 minutes writing the day’s blog post (Camping At The Pit: Part Two) and then I counted all the pieces in Ella’s 'Zoo Bin' that she borrowed form the OEYC (Ontario Early Years Centre) becaue we’re returning it tomorrow.

9:15 pm -  I sit down to watch TV (the only thing on I can stand to watch is Reba) and do some felt work. I also find some delicious chips - President's Choice 'Loads of All Dressed'.  They are crazy good. I eat WAY too many and now my tongue is sore...instantly, I know it was a mistake.  

10:00 pm – I am back on the computer to look around the blog and a few other websites.  After a couple of minutes, I go and put new sheets on our bed.  I climb into bed with the computer…Why do I do this?!!  So much to read on the Internet.  After some mindless web searching, I finally shutting out the light at 11:24pm.

Thanks for reading :D


  1. I'm exhausted just reading this! Looks like a pretty good day, hopefully by the next 'day in a life' it's a sunny day :)

  2. Sounds like a busy day Jess! Here's a link to a friend's website that may help with the diapers!!



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