Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Springwater Park Adventure

I don't have much to write about our Springwater Park Adventure, but there are oh-so-many pictures.  We got to the park at about 9:30am and stayed until about 1pm.  There is so much to see and do there; I would recommend for everyone to visit at least once during the season.  We were also lucky enough to borrow a friend's pass, so we didn't have to pay for parking (hooray!).  

So like I said - there's not much to write.  Enjoy my pictures and captions from the day.

In the car and ready to go!

Once we arrived, Ella was in charge of the map.

We didn't get too far before Ella found a few large rocks she thought she should try and lift.

Our first stop was visiting the animals...I didn't know the park had monkeys!

Harrison sees something he likes... wasn't this little guy - he kept growling at us.

After we saw all (most) of the animals, we found the jackpot of all playgrounds.

It was even Harrison friendly!

Ella found a ladder she could climb up and down all by herself 
Harrison kept himself busy by doing laps around this portion of the playground.  It was lovely.

Next we went for a walk over to the little pond and around the paths.

I tried to get Ella to pose beside the little waterfall, but this was all I could get out of her.  LOL 
Harrison wanted to climb down the steps just like Daddy

Ella also enjoyed the stepping stones.

We found a second (smaller) park with a great toddler-friendly teeter-totter.  
They both loved this teeter-totter.

Adam and Ella took off for a little nature walk while Harrison and I played a little longer.

Lunchtime came around pretty quickly.

Here's another attempt at getting Ella to smile for the camera.
We finished off with a walk through the Children's Trail which was about 1.5 km.  
Ella lead the way - just as the real Dora would do.

The trail featured different animals every so often.  There was a write-up about the animal and if you looked around in the woods a little...
...there was a really cute wooden statue of each animal.  Here's the hummingbird.  The statues were adorable and Ella got pretty excited each time we came up to a new one.

Our post-lunch trail walk was a perfect time for Harrison's afternoon nap!  He slept through most of the walk plus another hour after we got home.  They were both exhausted after a fun morning.
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