Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Back to School, Back to the Crazy House

Adam is officially back to school now, and I am officially back running the crazy house - yes, by crazy house I mean our house.  I'm not back to work for another month, so the kids and I are finding lots of things to do.

We had a delicious 'back to school' lobster dinner for Adam on Monday night.  Lobster is his absolute favourite - despite this creepy look he's giving me, he really enjoyed his dinner!

Check out those cool lobster crackers (I'm unsure of the real name) I got for Adam at Stokes - LOVE that store!
Ella and Harry also enjoyed their 'back to school' dinner, but neither of them would try the lobster.  Adam pointed out that this will be the last year that he will be the only one going back to school...until our kids are all graduated from University (or college or High pressure kids!).  That is a frightening thought.  Where has the time gone?!?!  

The kids and I kept fairly busy yesterday.  We did some grocery shopping in the morning and played inside after their naps (due to the rain).  Ella, of course, spent a considerable amount of time getting dressed up in the perfect princess outfit.  Two dresses layered on top of each other, gloves, 'pearl' bracelet, ribbon around her waist, purse, tiara, reading glasses, and...........


...............................DRESS UP SHOES!!   (See here for the significance of the dramatic introduction)

Oh yes, a couple of weeks ago one kind soul - we'll call her Pauline - dropped off the pair of dress up shoes you see above.  Ella has been in heaven ever since!  THANK YOU PAULINE!!

I know - you're thinking about how exciting that was for little Ella, but wait - it gets better.  The week these shoes were given to Ella, Nan and Pops were away on a trip.  They, of course, returned with a few things for each of the kids.  What did Nan pick up for Ella?  Three more pairs of dress up shoes (she was unaware of the pair above)!!  Ella just hit the dress up shoes jackpot.  She (we) are so thankful.  Thanks Nan and Pops!

Ella's dress up shoe collection
While Ella was doing all things 'princess', Harrison FINALLY warmed up to his ball popper elephant.  I say finally because this was a Christmas present for him last year.  Yes, it only took him eight months to get over his fear of the ball popper.  In his defence - that thing makes a funny noise which sounds a lot like the vacuum (another one of his fears).  Now, if I could only teach him how to use it properly.

OK - one last look at the princess.

Thanks for reading :D


  1. I have tears! I'm not exactly sure if it's because Adam got lobster (yummy) and I had a burger (just okay), or if it's because Ella and Harrison are just so darn cute!


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