Friday, 14 September 2012

Egg Carton Spiders ~ Fall Craft

Time for another fall craft!  This week's craft isn't anything too sophisticated.  It's merely a fun craft you can do with your kids using some garbage...old egg cartons to be exact.  I'm sure everyone has done the old 'caterpillar from an egg carton' trick.  Well, we didn't make caterpillars.  We made spiders!  I'm calling this a fall craft, but it may be more Halloweenish.

What you need for this craft:
-empty egg carton
-markers/crayons/pencil crayons/paint (colour of some sort)
-stickers or glitter (anything else that's pretty....googly eyes don't hurt either!)

Cut the egg carton into its 12 individual segments - then comes the fun part.  Hand over those colours to your kids and let them go crazy decorating the 'spider's body'.  

Harrison got to use the 'easy to grip' markers from Crayola.  He didn't last too long with the colouring, but he did enough to decorate his spider nicely.

Once he finished his colouring, he moved on to other 'more important' activities...

Ella spent much more time decorating.  She went back and forth between crayons and markers.

She didn't stop until she was certain every square inch of that spider was covered with a colour of some sort.  I'm not going to lie - there were a few hissy fits in there when she couldn't get the marker to work the way she wanted.  

After all the decorating is completed, use a pin to poke four holes equally spaced around the piece of egg carton. Cut a pipe-cleaner into four equal sizes and push each piece into one of the holes.  Turn the egg carton over and bend the pipe-cleaner inside so it won't fall out of the egg carton.  On the outside, bend the pipe-cleaners so they look like spider legs.

And just like that you have your very own creepy crawly egg carton spider.  Adam took these beauties to work to display on his desk.  

Here's Harrison's final creation...

...and Ella's.

And if there's time left over, you could always show the kiddies how to make a caterpillar.

Thanks for reading :D

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