Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fall Craft/Activity ~ Memory Game

As promised - here's my fall craft (for Momma)/activity (for kiddies).  It's a fall-themed memory game...DIY edition. Here's what you'll need:

-fall pictures (I use MS Word clip art)
-cardboard or card stock or something stiff to attach to the pictures

I recycled a pizza box to mount the pictures onto

I also considered laminating these (as I did with the play dough place mats), but I can't find my laminating paper anywhere...they will remain un-laminated for now.

Here are my step-by-step instructions:
-Find fall clip art in MS Word or another program
-Format pictures
  1. Layout - square
  2. Size - unlock ratio & set to 2" by 2" (or whatever size you want the cards to be)
  3. Add line around perimeter (this makes it WAY easier to cut them out after)
-Line up on the page and print two copies (make sure you print two copies, or it'll be hard to find the matching pieces :-P  )

-Cut out all pictures and paste to foam/cardboard/anything stiff 


Some other tips I have for making this a fun and educational activity:

-Use a combination of pictures and words

-Use as a tool to introduce new concepts (IE. Thanksgiving, Halloween, changing weather, leaves falling etc.)

That's all folks!  I hope you can enjoy your own homemade fall memory game.

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Thanks for reading :D

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