Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dancing...On the Count of Three

I have a video to show you all today!!  In the words of Ella...'Woo Hoo!'.  This video was taken yesterday morning just after breakfast when the kids were at their highest energy levels.  I had the music going while I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes and this is what happened...

Dancing On The Count of Three from Jessica Kuypers on Vimeo.

I may or may not have mentioned previously about Ella's 'ballet' dancing.  If you were wondering why she was holding onto the playpen for awhile - well, those were some of her ballet moves.  Usually, she sticks one leg out behind or to the side of her.  

This was actually my fourth attempt to get a video of the kids dancing.  Everytime I picked up the video camera, they immediately stopped dancing and ran away.  

Thanks for watching :D

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