Saturday, 6 October 2012

Fall Fair Part One - The Rides

It's that time of year again - Thanksgiving weekend which means Fall Fair weekend!  This is definitely my favourite time of year, and I'm hoping the kids will grow up loving it as well.  Fall fair weekend means rides, animals, parades, craft/baking exhibits, music, tractor pulls and, of course, Thanksgiving dinner with the family.

Since Ella has been old enough to go on the rides (so basically last year and this year), we've taken her over to the fair on the Thursday afternoon.  If you've never been, they offer a wrist band for 'all you can ride' for Thursday evening only.  Adam informed me Ella would have to go on five rides to get our money's worth.  She went on six!

Her first ride was this train.  Apparently we got there early because she was the only one on the train.  

Next she went on the elephant ride.  I think she remembered this one from the Maple Syrup Festival, or maybe it was from the fair last year.  In any case, she loved it.  She also figured out how to make her elephant go up in the air...after a few minutes.

This ride was some kind of weird space-ship-type of thing, or maybe it was supposed to be something else.  Ella seemed to like it.

She was looking at me for this picture, but she moved her eyes at the last second...trickster.

This Alligator roller-coaster ride looks pretty cute, right?  Wrong.  It was fast and pretty rickety.  Ella all but begged to go on this ride, and we should have known it would be a mistake.  Lesson learned.  She was almost crying by the time it was over.

Here is the terrified look on her face as she went past us saying 'Mommy, I want to get off!'.

The final ride, which she rode twice, was the merry-go-round.  It was Ella's favourite.  Somehow both Ella and I managed to have completely ridiculous 'smiles' in this picture.

Luckily we were able to get through the rides without getting rained on.  Next year Harrison will be in these pictures too!  Sorry Harry, but there will be pictures of you at the fair in tomorrow's post.

Thanks for reading :D

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