Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fall Fair Part Two - The Parade & Animals

I may have dropped the ball a little as far as taking pictures while we were at the fair (non-ride pictures that is).  After naps on Friday afternoon, Nan and I took the kids over to the fair to look at the animals and exhibits. 

Most (all) of my pictures are of the kids looking at the animals, and somehow I only ended up with one animal picture.  I decided to have a little Photo bucket fun with the pictures that I did manage to get.  Did I mention how much I love Photo bucket?  I love it.

Check out my pics from part two of the Fall Fair...

Friends/cousins watching the Friday parade (I added a border to this pic)

Harrison in the Rooster tent

Ella and Harry looking at the bunnies - check out the 'film strip' look!

Ella and Harry watching the parade - I'm not sure the purpose of this editing feature, but it looks cool.

The Donkey 

Kids in the mini zoo - Ella blurred

Kids in the mini zoo - Harry blurred.

At this point, you're probably thinking 'Jessica, you are a genius'.  I know :D

This one is my favourite.

Thanks for reading :D   Stop by tomorrow for some Thanksgiving Day fun!

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