Wednesday, 31 October 2012

It's Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Hopefully everyone is having a fun and safe night.  I'm a little (a lot) behind on Halloween this year.  I just put out the decorations this afternoon while the children were napping.  It was a nice surprise for when they woke up, though.

Here's the face I set up on our pumpkin felt board (available through my Etsy shop :D ).

I also found a few oldie decorations I forgot this witch doll that someone made for me when I was little.

Ella LOVED playing with this doll.  She called it the 'Halloween girl'.  I tried to explain she was a witch with a pumpkin and a cauldron, but she was pretty adamant about naming her Halloween girl and that her cauldron was a candy basket.  Hmmm, maybe we didn't cover the Halloween theme well enough this year.

Here's the face Ella decided to make on the pumpkin felt board.  She prefers to use all of the pieces.

So here's how our day went:

8:45 am - leave the house for the Early Years Centre
9:15 am - 11:30 am - fun at the EYC
12 pm - lunch at home
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm - kids napped while I set up the decorations and made pizza dough and cleaned and caught up on some (but definitely not all) of my blog following from the blog hops last week.
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm - kids, Nan and I went to Walmart for a few things
5:00 pm - Adam took the kids (dressed as princess and kitten) to Grandma and Grandpa's house for trick or treating
5:30 pm - we all had dinner
6:00 pm - Adam took the kids (in the van because of the rain) to Nan's and Pops' house as well as a few others for more trick or treating (now dressed as a puppy and a kitten).
7:15 pm - Adam and kids arrive home and Ella begs to have a treat from her bag while I put Harry to bed
8:00 pm - Ella finally goes to sleep while we shut out the lights and close the door

All done with Halloween for another year.  Thank goodness.  We had a busy day and evening.

I have a really cute video of the princess and kitten, but it is taking FOREVER to download, so I will have to post it tomorrow.  Here are a few of the pictures, in the meantime.

Getting ready for part 1 of trick or treating...

Part 2 of trick or treating...this puppy wouldn't look at the camera...

Finally home - this is the best picture I could get of them with their pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.

I would also like to mention the issue of costume picking with a pre-schooler.   I am pro-letting your children pick their costumes, however, by the end of today I'm leaning in the opposite direction.  A couple of months ago, Ella announced she would like to be a caterpillar for Halloween and that Harry should be a butterfly.  Excellent idea, I thought.  And how easy would those costumes be to make?!  

A few weeks ago, Ella changed her mind and decided she would like to be a puppy and Harry would be a kitten.  Also okay as I hadn't had a chance to make the previous costumes yet.  Finally last week, I realized I wasn't going to be making any costumes because of my work-load, so I stopped into Once Upon A Child and bought a kitten a puppy costume (8 bucks each, I'm pretty sure I couldn't have made them for those prices).  The NEXT DAY Ella announced she was going to be a princess for Halloween.  Isn't that always the way?

She stuck to the princess thing until she was about to walk out the door tonight - at that point she decided she did want to be a puppy after all.  Good grief.

Thanks for reading :D


  1. They look so cute in the costumes. Maybe Grama King or Grama Craddock made the witch? I really love it and the pumpkin felt board.

  2. OMG - they look so cute in their little costumes!


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