Sunday, 28 October 2012

My Two Little Artists

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A few weeks ago, we decided to test out the new paint, paint containers and brushes Ella got for her birthday.  Both kids were excited - they love it when we bust out the easel!  I can't recommend a three-in-one easel enough.  One side is a chalk board and the other side is a dry-erase/magnetic board.  We found some dry-erase crayons, so Harrison coloured while Ella did the painting.

Harrison is LOVING crayons lately.  He does some colouring, but mostly he's interested in eating them.  Does anyone else's children eat crayons?  Ella never really had the chance to eat them because we were always there watching her.  Don't get me wrong, we obviously watch Harrison too, but it's not the same when there are two running around (parents of two or more children - you've got my back, right?).  

Despite the eating, Harry does spend a good amount of time colouring on the dry-erase board and on all of the Dora colouring pages we have around here...

...oh, and he also enjoys colouring on the walls in the hallway.**  I came upon this one day as I was walking out of the bathroom.  I was completely shocked, but to be honest I was a little bit happy about it.  I had been wondering when the crayon all over the walls phase was going to happen (you always see this on TV..haha).  

Ella is the more focused artist.  She spent the entire time painting her picture without talking to us (or eating the paint).  She was given some sparkly paint for her birthday and I'm thinking it's going to be AMAZING when it comes to Christmas craft time.

We now have three to four large pages filled with sparkly paint.  What do we do with it all, I ask?!  I only have so much wall/fridge space to display these items.  I've started tossing some of the smaller and older pictures into the garbage (AH - I still cringe as I'm writing that.).  I hate to do it, but I make sure I keep all of the really important pictures and a few pieces to show her abilities at different ages.  

**As this was going to press, I learned it was actually Ella who drew on the wall.  How did I find this out?  Well, one day Ella came over to me and asked, "Mommy, did you like the picture I drew on the wall?".  And I thought she missed the crayon all over the walls phase.   These kids are full of surprises.

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Love it! Okay...I should show you my filing system for saving some of the kids art work...I got the idea from a magazine and it's really working. There's also something you can do using Shutterfly.
    Claire hasn't eaten any crayons yet, but she has been caught picking her nose and eating it. More proof that her and Harrison are meant to be!

  2. Hahaha Well they all eat something from the craft table. I definitely know how it is with more than one child around the house so ya I got your back on that. It is very hard to know what to keep and you can't keep everything. Wait till Harrison and his hockey buddies are goofing around in the basement and leave an large imprint in the drywall. LOL

  3. Hi,there!! I am always finding random crayon, pencil and even textas on the walls, it drives me crazy. Found you from the GFC Hop, am now GFC following you :)


  4. Shannon StephensonNovember 08, 2012 9:06 am

    Jess where did you find the paint cups that are shown in the pictures? I've been looking for something like that and haven't been able to find them.


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