Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Birthday Party!

If you will recall yesterday's post where I wrote you need to grab a tea because it's a long read...scratch that.    There are  SO MANY pictures from Ella's birthday party and I could only cut out so-many (you know how it is).  Today's post is quite lengthy due to the pictures, so I'll keep the writing to a minimum and let you enjoy the pictures.  

Here you go!

Family Stuff from the Morning

The kids eagerly waiting to see Ella's card from Mommy and Daddy

Excited to open her purple umbrella (as requested by Ella)

Ripping into another gift...binoculars (also requested)

She is very excited about her new binoculars and Harry is content with a little piece of paper

Daddy helping Ella put on Stella's new raincoat and hat

Before lunch, on the day of Ella's birthday, we drove to the aquarium and let Ella pick out her very own fish ("Dorothy").  Here she is proudly displaying the new family addition.

The Party Begins:  Birthday Adventure Activity

You may want to refer back to the maps I made for this adventure.  

Firstly - here's Ella outfit for the party.  She is dressed as Dora.  Look it up, she's almost spot on.  All she needs is a wig and some yellow frilly socks.  She had to wear the tights because it was a bit chilly, but she LOVED her Dora outfit.

Riley finding the first 'surprise' at the end of the tunnel

Harry didn't get too far with the activity...apparently, he gets side-tracked easily.
I was busy taking pictures and Adam was with Harry, so Grandma and Nan helped Ella with the Adventure

Aunt Angie helping Riley read his map

Ella taking a break...for a cracker
Ella's BF

If you looked at the maps I made from my last post, you should have noticed I got the kids to pick a tomato...  :D  

Carson spelling his name on the easel

Ella FINALLY found the surprise hidden in the sandbox.  For awhile, she just wanted to fill the pail up with sand!

Nutty Butter cookies in the Nutty Forest - It's a Dora thing.

Ella found her cookies - and Harrison's

After Harrison gave up, he headed over to the sandbox.

Riley and Harry


This was the greatest year for present-opening, so far.  Up until now, Ella hasn't had much interest in opening presents.  This year was WAY different.  She ripped into those presents like a true three-year-old.  It was cute, to say the least.

I had to include this picture because this is Ella throwing the clothes on the floor, so she can get to the 'goodstuff' in the bag - On Daddy's recommendation.

Ella has had her eye on this rain hat in the store for several months.  It matches her rain coat.

She was also very excited about this soccer ball, however, the next morning she was calling it a basketball.

Beautiful tutu from Princess Bean!

Time for Cake

So patiently waiting for cake
Trying to get Ella's party hat on straight

Finally getting some cake!

After the Party:  Downtime

We had our family stay for a delicious spaghetti dinner (Ella's favourite) after the party, so Ella, Harry and Riley had a chance to play with some of the new toys!

Cousins playing together (finally, after three years!)

Dressed up in Dora jewellery

 This last picture has nothing to do with Ella's birthday party, other than it was taken on the day of her birthday.  Harrison cozied right up to Jen before bedtime.  This is the baby who will BARELY go to anyone but Adam or myself.  He was playing with her necklace and resting his head.  Too cute.

I had a few sentimental moments during the day - remembering the day Ella was born and all the crazy milestones she's hit over the past three years.  It's hard to believe next year at this time she'll be in school (that's all I'll say about that because I'll just cry).  We are so lucky to have this little girl in our lives.

Happy birthday Ella!

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Great blog! I loved the picture of Ella proudly showing off her new friend, Dorothy. We are all very blessed to have Ella in our lives, she makes each day a joy.

  2. Great pics! i love Ella's stylish Dora Jewlery...may have to get that for Claire's b-day!

    1. Let's be honest Lindsay. You want it for yourself!


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