Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The FIRST Dance Class!!

The day finally came this past Saturday - Ella's first dance class.  I've been anxious over this for the last month because I pretty much knew how it was going to play out.  Ella has been very excited to go to dancing.  She loves to 'ballet' around the house and she often puts on her 'ballet shoes' (which by the way are not ballet shoes, they are Minnie Mouse running shoes) and her tutu and dances around the house.  I tried to prepare her for the reality that is dance class...but I think I failed her...big time.

Please note - I did not take this picture...please try to focus on Ella and not the ridiculous items around her

The moment we stepped into the door of the dance studio was the moment Ella changed her mind about dance class.  There were a bazillion people there in the waiting room, some picking up dancers and some dropping off dancers, regardless there were way too many people for her (and me).  We found two of her friends that were also signed up for the same class, but it didn't seem to help ease her fears.

Practising her moves before class

I got her changed into her dancing shoes (slowly) and then we went to look at the dancers in the studio.  I was hoping she would realize not all of the people that were in the waiting room would be dancing with her.  Still, she was pretty adamant that she wasn't going to do any dancing that day.

When the time came for her to go into the studio the teachers came around to collect all the kids.  I wanted Ella to at least try going in for one class to see if she ended up liking it...this involved me handing her over to one of the teachers while she was crying and reaching for me and me running away quickly while trying to hold back my own tears [of guilt].  The teachers were lovely.  They took the crying kids (there were a couple) and brought them into the class and stayed close to them until they felt more comfortable.

She always lifts up one leg and calls it ballet

One of the other moms peeked in on the girls after a few minutes and, thankfully, reported that no one was crying.  Yay!  I managed to catch a glimpse of her myself and she basically did the entire class while holding the teachers hand.  OK by me...maybe not the teacher, though.  As long as she didn't cry through the whole lesson I consider it a small victory.  I don't want Ella to miss out on activities that she likes just because she's a bit shy.  I'm hoping each week we go back she'll feel a bit more comfortable going into the class without me.

Here's a little peek of me in my early dancing days.  It was a few years ago, so the picture quality isn't amazing.

Thanks for reading :D

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  1. Aww. Your little baby is looking really cute during her first ever ballet class. I’m really happy for her especially since she can now dance in an actual dance studio with her ballet shoes and attire on. I’m sure her ballet skills will improve quickly considering the fact that she’s totally loves dancing. =)

    Tyson Sieger


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