Monday, 29 October 2012

The Princess Dancer and GIVEAWAY Winner!!!

Ella is 5 weeks into her dance lessons (ballet class as she calls it), and I think things are coming along nicely! The first week (and also the second) she cried and clung to me.  There were no tears during lessons number three and four, but she still insisted on holding the teacher's hand.  Lesson number five (or lucky number five as I prefer) was incredible.  Many other moms wouldn't bat an eyelid over this, but I was very impressed - Ella walked all the way over to the teacher by herself, without holding my hand or crying.  The teachers also reported that she did her dance moves by herself!  Yahoo!!  

I'm really hoping Ella will become slightly more comfortable being around other kids (without me) by the end of these dancing lessons (to help her get ready for school next fall)...I'm also hoping she'll learn a routine to use for her SYTYCD audition next summer.  :D

This was also the first week Ella decided to show us some of the dance moves at home.  She is learning to wink, fly like an air plane and jump with her legs open then closed (jumping jacks style).  I have to say, she is amazing at each one of those moves.  I may be a little biased, though.

I'm trying to get a video of her doing her signature dance move (a little hop, a twirl with hands in the air followed by a leg kick behind) as well as a video of her practising winking in the mirror...yes, she has been doing this the past few days and it's HILARIOUS.

Until then, here are a couple pictures of the dancer in her princess attire.

Dressed as Cinderella - her new favourite movie

Ballerina twirl

Don't worry - I'm not done yet!  I want to thank all of the readers who entered my first ever GIVEAWAY to celebrate one year of blogging.  There were 10 entries - not bad for a first timer!  So without further delay, the winner of a set of 4 Felt Gingerbread Man cookies is....


Congratulations Shannon!  I'll track you down :D

Thanks for reading :D


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    1. She sure has - we are so happy for her because I think she is able to enjoy dance class now, instead of getting really anxious about it.

  2. Aw, she's so cute! My daughter just started dance too! I just love watching her!!

    thanks for the follow--I'm returning the favor! :)


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