Monday, 12 November 2012

An Afternoon of Much Dance Mixes

Slowly (very, very slowly) we are getting around to boxes of stuff that have been stored under the basement stairs since we moved in (that would be 5 years ago).  Between the two of us we had about a million VHS tapes and even more Cd's.  It's a bit of a problem. 

I finally decided to sort through my stashed Cd's and choose what could stay and what would go.  I have to say, I found some beauties.

Here is a drawer full of the Cd's that sadly will long TLC.  Harrison was SO happy to get his hands on these because we're always shooing him away from our regular collection.

Here are three of the Cd's that get to stay (couldn't get the picture to attach right-side-up)!!  :D   Needless to say, there was some dancing on this afternoon.  Who remembers the Much Dance Mix Cd's?!  I'm wondering if they still release these babies each year.

Harrison loved the music and danced along, but Ella was not exactly impressed.  She sat in her usual spot, dressed as a princess, with her bear/cat friends....and watched.

She also wasn't too happy about me trying to photo her bears.  I guess she doesn't want them in the spotlight.

Eventually the novelty of the Cd's wore off and Harrison found something better to do...

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Much Dance 96 & 97...probably two of the best that ever came out! Great finds!!!

  2. I remember them, I think I have some in a cabinet also.

  3. At the moment I am in need of these "Dance Hits"!!!
    To use them as a means to get fit:) lol
    Just love you guys xoxo

  4. Much Dance - those are some classic albums you've got Jessica. I'm pretty I once made some wicked dance routines in my basement to those songs. Good times.


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