Saturday, 8 December 2012

Advent 2012 - Day Eight: Christmas Hand Print and Foot Print Art

There was another exciting art project on the go today - hand print and foot print painting.  We teamed up with Claire on this one and Claire, Ella and Harry made some adorable reindeer and Christmas tree paintings (next year is your year Jack!).

Of course, this idea came from Pinterest where there seems to be an never-ending supply of hand print and foot print art ideas. 

Back to the projects - like I mentioned, the kids made reindeer and Christmas trees.  It's actually pretty tricky trying to take pictures of kids finger-painting especially when one of them is a super crazy little boy that will have the paint in hair/mouth/ears/nose/all over Claire's house in the time it takes to snap one pictures.  So,  here are the few pictures we managed to get.

Ella making her reindeer picture with Claire's help
I'm not sure what she was looking at here...but there was no one else in the room when I took this picture. 
Now it's Harrison's turn to make the reindeer.

I think he's happy with  his work.

Sorry - no photos of the Christmas trees being created.  How to make these adorable pieces, you ask?  Have a look below...

What you will need:
-paper, card stock or painting canvases (we used canvases from the dollar store - they were perfect!)
-finger paints (green, brown, yellow, red and any other colours you want)
-googly eyes
-paint brush (the trick is to paint the children's hands to avoid clumps of paint all over the picture)


1.  Paint the child's foot with brown paint and have them stand up with their painted foot in the middle of the painting surface.  This creates the reindeer's face and long nose.
2.  Paint the child's hands and have them place each hand above the foot print.  These create the reindeer's antlers.
3.  Use another paint to do a nose and eyes, or use googly eyes if you have them.  You might also want to glue on a bow tie or jingly bells to his neck.

Christmas Tree:

1.  Paint the child's hands with green paint.  Place one hand print at the top of the painting surface.  Place two hand prints below that and three hand prints on the bottom also looks great if the kids randomly place hand prints all over, although, it doesn't look much like a tree.
2.  Paint a star (or use a star-shaped stamp) at the top of the tree.
3.  Paint a tree stump at the bottom of the tree.
4.  Using more paint or construction paper decorate the tree with all sorts of different colours and shapes.

Yes, they are that easy.  It's great way to keep a memory of your children's hands and feet sizes each year.

Here are Ella's and Harry's semi-finished projects.   In both pictures, Harry's work is on the left and Ella's work is on the right.

Thanks for reading :D


  1. I'm amazed you got such clear pictures! There's no way my 2.5 year old would hold still long enough to make pictures like that, but they are cute.


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