Saturday, 15 December 2012

Advent 2012 - Day Fifteen: Supporting our Food Bank

Today's activity was a new addition to the Advent Activity Calendar (as in we didn't do this last year).  We decided to introduce Ella to the local food bank, and we learnt a lot about it in the process. 
Our goal was to get Ella to pick out a food item and purchase it using some of her 'charity savings'  (she gets a weekly 'allowance' and some of it is divided into a charity jar).  We also planned on dropping the item off, but we ran out of time today!
Here's Ella with her $5.00 getting ready to head out.

Before we went anywhere, I tried to explain the food bank to Ella (the best way I could).  I basically told her sometimes we try to help people by donating food if they don't have any.  I also told her sometimes people don't get to have a nice breakfast like she does everyday, so it's up to everyone else to help them out.  I tried to keep it simple, but sometimes I get a little carried away.  :-|

All on her own, Ella decided we should buy toast and oatmeal for the food bank because that is her favourite breakfast.

Here are my three two kids on our drive to the store...

When we got to the store, Ella picked out her oatmeal.  Adam and I also picked out a couple of items.  Things got a little tricky when we went to pay.  I thought I would let Ella pay for her oatmeal first, so I put her oatmeal up on the counter and asked Ella to get her money out.  Apparently, this was one area where I failed in the explanation department.  This was Ella's first time paying for anything (obviously, she's only three), so I should have better prepared her for this.  She definitely didn't want to hand over her money, and I'm sure she didn't understand why she had to. 

Once we got to the car, I was able to talk to Ella a little and explain that she needs to give some money in order to take things from the store.  I also told her that Mommy and Daddy give their money away every time we buy something like food, toys and clothes.  Surprisingly, she seemed to understand.

Despite her coming around, she still wasn't interested in posing for this picture with the oatmeal.

Hopefully we get out tomorrow to drop off the oatmeal. 

We are so proud of Ella for donating her first item to the food bank.  I'm sure there are all sorts of opinions out there about what we're doing [a)giving her allowance, b)making her give some of her money away, c)explaining the food bank to a three year old].  However, we have our reasons, and hopefully she'll grow up with a giving heart and a solid understanding of how to use her money.

Thanks for reading :D

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  1. What a great idea, changing the world one thought at a time! Way to go Ella ( and her parents of course)


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