Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Advent 2012 - Day Four: Letters to Santa

Our activity today marked a first for Ella (and Harrison, of course).  This was her first year writing a letter to Santa.  Last year was fun, but this year she is really starting to 'get it'.
The idea was for us to sit with Ella and help her write letters for her and Harry.  Then I wanted to take her to the post-office to send them off.   

Ella wanted to sit with Daddy for the letter writing.  She only had one request for Santa - a big pink air plane that she can ride around in...nothing crazy there.  We're pretty sure this has come from a book we read recently - Angela's Air plane, by Robert Munsch.   If Santa pulls through on this one, we're going to need a bigger garage.
After the letter's were written, Ella had no intention of sending them off in the mail.  She really wanted to keep her letter because it had a picture of an air plane.  So we decided to hold off on the mailing for this year...I secretly wanted to frame the letters anyway!
Ella tried to help Daddy write Harrison's letter, but we asked her to go and play instead.  She was very adamant that Harry should ask Santa for a black coat with a feather (WHAT?!!!  I have no idea where that came from).  Adam helped Harrison choose something else.
Ella's letter:                                                                                  Harry's letter:                                     
We also had a visitor today, and she brought the kids a couple of winter treats - these cute little snowmen.

Harrison was mostly interested in his snack, but he managed to squeeze in a little snowman snuggle.
This one is my favourite...
Ella had tons of fun pushing her little snowman around throughout the house. 
I might as well squeeze one more picture of Harrison in today - seeing as he was completely left out yesterday!  I call this picture, Reindeer Harrison...the cutest reindeer you'll ever see.
Thanks for Reading :D


  1. And a cute little reindeer he is.

  2. Santa letters were on our advent calendar for today too! We are going to take them to Macy's later this week. I'm a new follower from On My Mind blog hop. Have a great week!

  3. Super cute pictures! We're writing our letters tonight :) Claire's really looking forward to going for a fly in the Ella's airplane...does she need to buy a ticket?

    1. Hope you guys had fun with Claire's letter! Don't even get me started about this darn airplane thing...we'll talk.

  4. I love your advent ideas...keep them coming!! Doesn't hurt that your children are absolutely darling either ;)


    1. Well, thank you and thank you! I'm so glad you're following along :D

  5. I particularly love how Ella is still sportin' her Halloween tutu....haha...trend setter she is!

  6. Awww, these are such cute pictures! Love the one with your son and the snowman too! Thanks for sharing at our Countdown to Christmas link party! Have a great week! :)


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