Sunday, 16 December 2012

Advent 2012 - Day Sixteen: O Christmas Tree

We finally put up our Christmas tree today!  Although I'm not a fan of putting up the tree too early,  I've still been looking forward to this day.  Ella and Harrison have too, considering they see Christmas trees everywhere else but at home.
Before putting up the (fake) tree, Ella decided to clean the place up a little.

No, Adam didn't catch her in a weird position when he snapped this next photo - she is actually posing this way! 

Harrison was very interested when Adam started bringing in pieces of the tree.  He had to get right in there and 'help'.

Of course, the boys didn't stick around too long to help decorate, so it was up to Ella and me to do most of the work.

Eventually, Ella found one of my old Barbie ornaments and I lost her too.  She spent the next several minutes playing Barbie.

Harrison came back to help me when he found this adorable little ornament that looks like a mug.  It was mine from several years ago.

He had fun pretending to drink from the mug.

After the excitement of the mug and the Barbie wore off, the kids helped by handing me ornaments to put on the tree.  Adam took the pictures...yes, that is his foot in the bottom of this next photo.

Just before all the ornaments were on the tree, Harrison figured out how to hang one.  He should be a great help for next year!

Lastly, Ella and Adam attached the star.  Ella was pretty excited about this.  She had been looking for the 'Christmas Star' since we busted out the tub of ornaments.  LOL...we have never called it the Christmas star, so I'm not sure where that came from.

It's really starting to look and feel like Christmas around our house - despite our ugly fake tree.  Only one week to go!

Don't forget to stop by the rest of the week to see what we're up to.

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Hey...not sure if you have a tree skirt, but if not, you should make one out of felt! We had a red felt one growing up with 3 large Santa Claus faces going around it.
    Nice job Ella and Harrison!

  2. What a pair of little hams you have, just so interesting to watch them so helpful, did Ella retire the halloween tutto I guess that was a good investment, I love the little cleaning lady, and that smirk on Harrison's face is priceless you can see the devil in those eyes.Luv----G.G.

  3. Looks like a lovely, wonderful day! I loved having my helpers with our tree this year! So sweet!


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