Thursday, 20 December 2012

Advent 2012 - Day Twenty: Baking for the Neighbours

Wow - I can't believe it's already day twenty.  Only 5 more sleeps until Christmas!  Today we (I) made some Christmas Bark, packaged it up and delivered it to a couple of our next door neighbours and close friends.  Although I did the preparation, Ella was very helpful with the delivery!

Here we are baking...but we're cutting out gingerbread - not bark.

What is Christmas Bark, you ask?  I think it's pretty popular, but just in case you've never made it - here's my favourite recipe:

-6 squares of white chocolate
-6 squares of semi-sweet chocolate
-10 Oreo cookies (or even better - mint Oreo cookies, if you can find them!)

Melt white and semi-sweet chocolates in separate pots.  Add crushed Oreo cookies to the pot with melted semi-sweet chocolate.  Spread melted white chocolate over cookie sheet covered with parchment paper.  Spread melted chocolate with Oreos over top.  Use a knife to swirl the two chocolates together.  Place in the fridge to let it harden.  Once hardened, break it up into smaller pieces and enjoy!

It's one of the few sweets Adam will actually eat, and I make a few batches every Christmas.  I also found these cute Christmas - themed  take-out style containers  from Michaels.  They are the perfect container for delivering goodies.

Here are the kids all bundled up to brave the ridiculous wind storm we had this afternoon.  We made it to all the neighbours and back home without blowing away.

 They were supposed to be smiling here, but Harrison decided to try and bust his package open.  A troublemaker's work is never done!

I've almost got those gingerbread cookies ready too, so maybe Ella will be able to do some decorating on those tomorrow.

Thanks for reading :D

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  1. These two make me laugh every time I read your blog. LOL Nice idea Jessica-lynn I am sure your neighbors enjoyed the treat.


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