Friday, 21 December 2012

Advent 2012 - Day Twenty-One: Christmas Lights

Our activity for today was going to look at all the beautiful lights at Adam's Aunt's and Uncle's house.  Each year they set up an extravagant light show for the Christmas season.  It's nice to drive by and look, but it's even better to stop in and go for a walk through their back yard.
Here are some of the lights in their yard.

The kids had a great time walking around in the snow looking at the lights.  They were also pretty excited about all the snow that was falling tonight!
Here is one of the little cabins in the yard - unfortunately, the falling snow got in the way of my picture.
Harrison's mitt kept falling off, but otherwise, the trip was a success!
Just before we were ready to leave, Ella found a little spot to take a rest.

The kids also got up to some other fun today.  This morning Ella decided she wanted to do some finger-painting.  I thought it might be neat to cover the side of our island with paper and let them go to town with the finger paints.
Ella really liked that idea...

...Harrison, not so much.  He wasn't very happy with the idea of paint all over his hands, so he decided to use marker instead.  And, yes, I did take off his clothes for fear he would have paint everywhere.  Some say I'm crazy, but I say I'm thinking ahead.  ; )

Here is Ella's completed work. 

 Thanks for reading :D


  1. We moms always have to think ahead. LOL Great pictures of a snowy night.

  2. Poor little Harrison he looks like he got into trouble, I don't think he liked having his clothes off, he looks sad.


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