Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas Projects Wrap - Up

This will be my last 'Christmas-related' post, and it is dedicated to the one creative thing I did this season plus all the things I wish I did and will possible do next year!  Ha ha.  Darn you Pinterest, you make my life impossible!
So here is the one creative thing I did this year...and even this was done half-you-know-what'd.  I have been wanting to use homemade gift tags for years, but I've never gotten around to making them.  This year I decided to finally use all my cute little holiday/Christmas stamps that have been sitting around collecting dust.  I'm a HUGE supporter of wrapping paper over gift bags, so I attached these little guys to the gifts using ribbon.

They were so easy to make - anyone could do these.  Well, anyone with  Merry Christmas, To: and From: stamps.  I  only have pictures of the reindeer and ivy stamps, but I also used Santa Claus (with red ink) and a snowflake (with blue ink). 

Things I would do differently next year?  Definitely use a different colour of paper.  Maybe the predictable red and green - but hopefully I'll come up with something a little better than that...something shiny!

OK - on to what I planned to do but didn't quite get there.  Allow me to reference my Pinterest 'Christmas' board (click here to see the full board).
1.  The button Christmas tree Art - by All Free Kids Crafts
Or any kind of button art, really.  Instead I opted to purchase something similar.  This might be a cute gluing activity for the kids next year.
2.  Quilting rings covered with fabric - by Side By Side Blog
This is such an inexpensive and stylish way to decorate for the holidays!  Plus you can take the fabric down and replace it with other fabric for different time of the year (like Easter perhaps!).
3.  Snowflake decorations - by Vintage Junky

How could I forget this classic Christmas decoration?!  Ella may still be too young to make these next year, but I won't be.  I'm also thinking felt snowflake garland - genius!
4.  Reindeer family finger-prints - by Meet the Dubiens

You could do anything really (elves, angels, Santas), but I just love the idea that each member of the family contributes a finger-print.

5.  Clay pot Christmas tree - there was no blog link for this one

I LOVE doing any crafts with clay pots.  Years ago I painted snowflakes onto tiny clay pots and made candles to put inside them.  You could even disassemble this and use each pot for planters for the spring and summer months.
6.  Wooden Box Christmas tree (and those snow men drawers in the background) - by A Creative Day
This likely isn't going to happen for me next year, but if someone wants to make me one I would be okay with that.   ; )
7.  String of lights from finger prints - by Meet the Dubiens
 Is anyone picking up on my obsession with any pictures involving finger prints?  This string of lights is so awesome.  I could see it being useful for practising colour patterns with the little ones.  Also it would make a great Christmas gift for the grandparents - stick it in a nice frame and voila!
That should be enough to keep me busy next year.  I guess it's time to send out a huge Happy New Year's Eve!!!  Best of fun to everyone.  I'll be back tomorrow with our New Year's resolutions and New Year's day activities.
Have a safe night and thanks for reading :D

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