Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dear Mother-Nature - What Is Going On?

If you live in central Ontario (are we central Ontario??  Geography has never been my strong subject), maybe you've noticed the melted snow and warmer than normal temperatures.  Right now it's 4 degrees, but we've had days at 8 degrees over the last week.  Mother-Nature - what is going on?
Don't get me wrong, I fully appreciate this weather when it comes to getting the kids outside.  Ella is not really a lover of playing in the snow (for longer than 10 minutes), and many days have been too cold for Harrison.  What is really unfortunate is the disappearance of Ella's and Adam's first-ever snow fort.
Of course, I didn't manage to take a picture of it until most of it melted away.  Here's a shot from last weekend when all that was left was a tiny bit of the walls.  You can see the outline of the fort, but try to picture the walls being a bit higher and the rest of the ground being covered in a foot of snow.
The kids had tons of fun sliding down the slide to try and knock a hole in the snow fort's wall. 
We also managed to get ourselves a pretty wicked snowman - thanks to Grandma's help!
Here's Ella with the finished snowman.  Unfortunately, he too disappeared with this crazy weather... he is one week later.
I would be okay with spring happening right now because I'm not a huge fan of playing in the snow ...also, I don't own snow pants.  People tell me I'm a bit too hopeful, though.

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  1. the snowman is funny ^^

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  2. We now have these temps in Calgary....last week -20....this week strange....and kind of concerning!


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