Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dinner of Champions

Today I spent some time introducing Harrison to the Mr. Potato Heads.  He was pretty impressed with this new toy (new to him).  I usually ask Ella to play with the Potato Heads after Harry goes to bed because some of the pieces are really small.  Lately, though, he's been proving himself to be a little more trustworthy around small toys...crayons excluded.
After a few trys of pushing various pieces into the potato, here is what Harrison came up with:
I'm not kidding you, people.  Okay, I put the shoes on him to take the picture but the rest is all Harrison.  I know what you're thinking - he's basically a genius.  This is a true piece of art.  I'll leave it at that - there's no need to over analyze his talent.
On to more interesting things - tonight's dinner.  It was just the three of us for dinner tonight (Ella, Harrison and me), and I have to say I really knocked this one out of the park. 

This is correct, you are looking at a dinner of hot dogs and Kraft Dinner...and no, I didn't even have the sense to make the 'smart' Kraft Dinner.  There are no vegetables here.  I had to post this on the blog because it's quite possibly going to be a once in a lifetime thing for these two kids.  'Mother of the Year Award' according to these kids tonight - heck yes!  'Mother of the Year Award' according to the other moms - who in the heck cares.

Let's be honest, I was in desperate need of a quick and easy meal that was sure to please after a ridiculously long and exhausting day.  Hence the hot dogs and KD.  If we're really being honest, I was okay with a little KD, myself. 

Harrison didn't waste any time shovelling in his dinner.  I'm just glad he ate something because dinner is the hardest meal to please this kid!
This is no joke:  one of Ella's buns said to the other bun, 'hey, is there any cheese in there?'  'I don't know, you'll have to go and find out.' And with that, she took a bite.  I was just about to take a picture when this dialogue went down.
Every once in awhile Harrison had to take a break to fish the macaroni out of his bib...
... and eventually he gave up using his spoon and dug in with his fingers.  It's more efficient that way.  That's about all from our dinner.

I'm hoping to get my next 'This from That' project up on the blog tomorrow...I've been working on it for days!  Cross your fingers on that one.

Thanks for reading :D


  1. We do this meal once about once a month...do you think I could get a 'Mom of the Year' award too?

  2. Don't care what anyone says...it's a staple in my household too! And just for the record I never won Mom of the Year and Yes...I love KD.

  3. Little cuties. Best kid dinner ever (moms everywhere are nodding their heads in agreement)! :)


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