Monday, 14 January 2013

Ear Infections - What To Do?!

Is anyone wondering what happened to the blog last week?  Let's just forget about that :D  Moving on....
Poor little Harrison is on the mend from his THIRD ear infection since the beginning of November.  Ahhh!   No ear infections until this year and now he can't get rid of them!  Here he is just after I noticed his ear drum had popped...he looks a little happier than earlier in the day.

So he's on his third round of antibiotics (both oral and ear drops) and he's getting referred to an ENT specialist.  Our family doctor started going on about tubes and such, but my own personal feelings are that it seems a bit too soon for tubes.  Am I wrong?  I sort of feel like maybe the family doctor should spend more than 2 minutes 'examining' Harrison and maybe sit down to discuss some of the other options and possible reasons for the infections - but that's just me. I guess we'll see what the specialist three months which is probably when our appointment will be.

On the same note, does anyone have any home remedies for ear infections?  I was recently told to pour urine into the ear.   I haven't researched (aka:  googled) this, but I'm intrigued by the idea.  Any other crazy ideas floating around out there?! 

Aside from the constant ear infections, Harrison is doing well and really changing a lot these days.  He is adding new words to his vocabulary everyday - although, most of them are still pretty hard to understand.  He has also started standing up on Ella's bed to turn off the bedroom light - just what we always wanted.  He also found himself a box - perfect for his teddy.

We thought we were going to take him for his first haircut over the Christmas break, but we didn't quite make it.  If you have a look at any of these pictures, you'll know that day is coming soon! 

One of the funniest things we've noticed him doing is using his farm animals or the Little People and making them talk to each other.  I would assume he's doing it because he see's Ella playing like this so much.  Regardless, it's priceless! 

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Emma battled so many ear infections before she was a year old I can't even remember. Tubes were the best thing that ever happened, so much relief for her from the pain. It's worse if there is fluid behind the eardrum, causes more pain and damage.As for remidies, that's a tough one but a ruptured eardrum is very painful. But he is the cutest kid in those overalls I have ever seen. I must get him more!!

    1. He is pretty cute in those overalls! Not so cute when he's screaming his head off in pain :|

  2. I agree with Michelle. Allison had tubes put in and it was the best thing. She was older than Harrison but she was the only one that had ear problems. And he is cute in his overalls.

  3. Harrisons uncle had ear infections (when he was a little bit older) about every 2 to 3 months, like clockwork. They were always accompanied with very high fever and they came on without warning. It was a cycle for about two and a half years and then they stopped. To my knowledge he's never had another one. His great grandfather also had them when he was a child. Makes you wonder if there's something genetic.
    Harrisons great great grandmother would definitely recommend his own urine to be instilled into his ear canal. She was native...knew what she was doing.
    I'm very happy to see a new posting. xo


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