Sunday, 27 January 2013

Easy Banana Mashing - For The Littles

As you know by now, we love to bake.  Ella is my number one helper, but I can feel Harrison's interest beginning.  My favourite recipe for the kids is banana chocolate chip bread or muffins.  I feel the muffins 'go further', so we usually end up with those.
I usually put all the ingredients into small bowls and get Ella to dump each of them into the mixing bowl.  She also likes to stir, but I'm sure anyone with little kids knows how messy that can be.  The other day I came up with a  genius way to get both of the kids to help me mash the bananas with little to no mess.  Sandwich baggies!!  Ziploc bags would have been the best option, but we didn't have any so I went with what we had.
I simply broke each banana up into a couple of pieces and placed them into a little sandwich baggie.  I folded the ends of each bag over to keep the mess inside.

Then I had the kids squeeze the bags a bunch of times to mash the bananas.

It was perfect!  I ended up with little baggies of mashed bananas that we emptied into the mixing bowl.  It was a shame about the garbage made from the baggies, but I suppose you could rinse them out and reuse them for the next batch.

The muffins were delicious as you can see below...
... and it wouldn't be a true adventure without a little cheekiness from the princess herself.
Thanks for reading :D

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  1. Job well done,Ella sure loves to do her baking and is like her G.P. loves to sample. They look good


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