Thursday, 17 January 2013

Introducing Francois and Yvette

I would like to take a short post to introduce Ella's new friends:  Francois and Yvette.  They were a Christmas gift for Ella and Harry from their Great Grandma.  It turns out, they are the perfect friends for Ella to play with when there are no other kids around!
I think I mentioned in an earlier post that Ella's newest type of play involves pretending to talk various dolls, figures, animals - you name it.  She is pretty good about sitting down and doing this by herself, but occasionally she asks one of us to 'talk' one of her friends.  
Francois and Yvette were named by Adam.  He usually 'talks' Francois (in an uncomfortable French accent) while Ella talks Yvette.  She has decided they are brother and sister, and they spend a lot of time travelling around the living room going from boats to caves to mountains.  We're pretty happy (and amused) with the way her imagination is unfolding.
Despite her growing imagination, she still doesn't like me taking photos while she's in the middle of 'talking' her friends.
Thanks for reading :D
P.S. - In regards to my post from Tuesday about the weather, it appears my message was received.  Thanks Mother Nature for the minus 12 degree weather and sprinkling of snow.  Good times.

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