Thursday, 24 January 2013

This From That: Skate Covers from Boot-Style Slippers

Hallelujah!  After days of working on this project (it wasn't hard, I just had limited time) and hours on Photo bucket (and swearing at Photo bucket), my next This From That project is on the blog.
I'm sure you've been anxiously waiting to see what I've made.  A couple of weeks ago, while she was public skating, Ella noticed some of the other girls had pink skates.  At first I was like 'they seriously make pink skates?!'.  Then I started thinking about it from Ella's perspective. How cool would it be to have pink skates when you are three and pink/purple are your absolute favourite colours.  So, I decided to make skate covers...from old boot-style slippers - they are pink AND furry.
Here are the slippers before getting chopped up.  Very nice and, once upon a time, very comfortable.  Over the years they have lost their cushioning in the feet and the fur has become a little matted.
This project was big-time easy to do.  Here's what I did:
Start by cutting out the soles of the slippers.  Make sure you go through both layers of material and pull out all of the plastic pieces.
At this point the inner and outer layers of the slippers are only attached around the top.  I pulled the inner layer out through the top of the boot and cut it off - so there will only be one layer of fur.  You could leave it as a double layer, but I think it would be too bulky to fit over a skate.
This is what you will have when you cut off the inner layer...

...and again, only right-side showing.
Turn it inside-out again and place it over the skate.  Pin the toes of the slipper to fit the skate snugly.

Sew a line along the path of the pins (where the toes would go) and trim the excess material.

The last step is to put some elastic around the bottom of the slipper (see my arrow below) so it will stay in place on the skate.  I was going to sew a casing and put some elastic in, but the material wasn't cooperating and the only elastic I had was 1/2 inch - too wide.  In the end, I decided to use elastic thread in my bobbin and sew a 1/4 inch hem.  It worked really well with this material and created just the right amount of gathering to hold the slipper onto the skate. 

I was torn on whether cut down the top of the slipper, so it was only as high as the skate, or leave it at the original height.  I decided to leave it for now (you know, for extra leg warmth!), but it can easily be cut down later.  I would also sew around the top with elastic thread after trimming.

Here are the completed skate covers!  I can't say for sure if Ella will wear these, but at least I can smile knowing I was able to give her some 'pink skates' (for free!).

Thanks for reading :D


  1. LOVE it! well done! can't wait to see pics of her rocking them out!

  2. You are just so talented, what a great idea, does she like them
    where do you find the time.G.K.

  3. Funny you should mention, I was so frustrated with Photobucket earlier tonight! lol Those skate covers are so cute! Great job on them :) She BETTER wear them... jk :D
    "Stalking" your blog from Peacoats and Plaid, now following you!

  4. Great idea! These look cute and warm! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!


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